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Custom Packaging for
 Your Product Samples

Custom Packaging for Your Product Samples 

Regardless of your specific industry or the product you manufacture, one this is certain: customers absolutely LOVE samples. Not only do packaging samples allow your customers to try products before purchasing the full-size version, but samples are a tried-and-true marketing tool. Throw some samples into a box or bag of already-purchased merchandise, send some samples for free in the mail, or give ‘em out at a grocery store!
Our design process means you can create the perfect sample packaging for whatever it is you sell. We can customize every part of the sample sachet, from its size and heft to its look and feel. Learn more about our custom printed stick pack packaging design process and how our packaging can help differentiate your brand from the competition.
Get your products samples packaging as either Finished Sachets or FFS Roll Stock

Industries that Use Sample Packaging

Although product sample packaging can be used by virtually any industry, there are a few industries that commonly use sample packaging. Here are just a few of the most popular applications for customized sample size packaging.

Food Single Serving

Have you ever walked around Costco and received a free sample? Isn’t it great!? With CarePac’s packaging for samples, your customers can try your food products before they purchase. Give ‘em out at street fairs, concerts, or other community events to expand the reach of your product. All food sample packaging is made to FDA standards and uses food-grade films and materials. 


With so many different nut and granola products lining the grocery store shelves, convenient sample packs of nuts can help differentiate your product from all the others. Let’s face it -- if your product is next to a very similar product on the shelf, but yours comes with a free sample, the customer will be more likely to select yours! Everyone loves free products!


Candy sample packs are a great marketing tool to give away at movie theaters, sporting events, or anywhere else someone would appreciate a little bit of candy! Our candy sample packs can be designed with viewing windows so your customers can see what’s inside -- we recommend this if you’re packaging something like gummy worms or brightly colored sour candies.

Travel-sized beauty products

Last but not least is travel-sized beauty products. Whether you partner with monthly subscription beauty boxes or simply want to give samples of your products away with every purchase, we can craft the perfect sample sachets for your cosmetic products.

Benefits of CarePac’s
custom packaging for samples

We understand the packaging needs of small to medium-sized businesses, and we’re proud to have decades of experience in the packaging industry. Our custom sample packaging will entice your customers to buy the full-size version, and here are just a few of the benefits of choosing us for your sample packaging needs.


Simply put, our packaging for samples is an economical choice. Our packaging will save you money, meaning you can put more of your money into advertising, hiring, or developing new products or flavors. We’ll work with your budget, giving you the chance to compete with bigger brands.

Fully Customizable Printed Bags

From holographic effects to subtle pops of color, we can add a variety of stylish embellishments to your custom sample packaging. Want your logo front and center? What about soft touch features? No problem. No customization request is too big or too small for our design team.

Sustainable Options

Although sample pouches may not be the most eco-friendly choice, we can certainly help offset that with our sustainable materials. Though compostable materials are still in their infancy, we are investing heavily in this area and expect to offer more sustainable options in the near future.

Full Art & Design

Many sample packaging companies will leave you guessing about what your final product will look like. Not us! We provide in-depth design services to help you create the perfect sample pouch. We’ll walk you through the process and will answer any questions along the way.

For Samples

Whether you’re packaging food products or healthcare products in your sample packs, it’s essential that your packaging is compliant will all local and federal regulations. Fortunately, all our packaging is FDA approved, Kosher, TSE free, BPA free, and Sulfer & Phthalates free.

Variety of Finishes

Last but not least, CarePac offers a variety of finishes for our product sample packaging, meaning none of your bags need to look or feel the same. Our most popular finishes include glossy, matte, soft touch, and holographic, but we offer many more options, which you can find here.

Experience the CarePac difference

Still not sure? CarePac focuses exclusively on custom size packaging for a variety of industries and companies, including food, snack, and beverage manufacturers. We have exceptional customer service reps who are committed to making sure your order is completed to perfection. With our CareDesign® process, you can rest assured that your custom sample pouches will be done right, no matter what.

From nailing down the right colors to making sure the logo is in the right place, we understand you put a lot of time into perfecting the look and feel of your product packaging. With vivid colors, quick printing, and a variety of materials to choose from, we have the tools, technology, and expertise to make your project a reality. Ready to experience the CarePac difference? We think now is the right time to give us a try.  Call us today for more information and to get one step closer to perfecting your custom sample sachets.

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