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Custom Eco-Friendly Poly Mailers | Recycled Mailer Customization

Custom Eco-Friendly Poly Mailer Bags

Our custom eco-friendly poly mailers are as good for the environment as they are for your brand. They’re weatherproof, super durable, and are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Our recyclable and compostable poly mailers are strong enough to hold up in the mail, but won’t take up unnecessary space in landfills for hundreds of years. In fact, our compostable bags break down in as little as 90 days! 

Our mailers are made from bio-based materials. The exact material varies depending on if the custom mailer bags are compostable or recyclable -- we offer both! To learn more about our line of compostable packaging and what exactly they’re made from, visit our Compostable Packaging Bags page.

What are Recycled Mailer Bags?

Poly mailers are lightweight, yet sturdy plastic bags that are used to ship products. Most often used to ship clothing, poly mailers are easily identifiable by the self-sealing foldover tape - meaning you don’t have to spend extra money on tape or other adhesives. It’s quite literally built into the bag! 

They’re thin and durable, so they don’t take  up much space while in transit.

They come in many sizes and styles, and Carepac’s custom eco-friendly poly mailers are fully customizable.

Unlike other packaging companies, we offer full (not partial!) print designs and low order minimums.

If you’re looking for a better solution to plastic bags or bulky boxes, personalized poly mailers are quite simply the best choice available on the market right now.  

Contact us today to get your custom poly bags ordered today. Trying to figure out if you should start shipping your products in printed poly mailers? Our helpful customer service team is more than willing to help you make the switch to something more sustainable.

Smart mailers: Better for the environment

In addition to being fully recyclable material, our wholesale eco-friendly mailers have other environmentally-friendly properties, including: 

Weight reduction

By opting for weight-reduced packaging solutions the fossil fuels used to ship your product are less than if you’d use heavier packaging. Plus, you’ll save money on shipping! 


If your customers would prefer not to recycle, our custom printed poly mailer bags can be reused. They can even use the same mailer to return a product back to you!


No animals were harmed in the making of our mailer packaging. CarePac cares about mother nature, and that includes animals and plants, too! 

We use certified post-consumer recycled materials to make our personalized poly mailers. In doing so, we keep plastic out of landfills and give it a second life instead.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses choose sustainable shipping solutions for their products, and make it easy for you to make a smart, cost-effective choice for your business.

Features of our Full Color Printing Bags

Besides their eco-friendliness, there are a variety of features that make biodegradable poly mailers a great choice for e-commerce companies. Here are just a few:


Not only will custom poly bags save you money on adhesive, but they’re typically cheaper to purchase than kraft or other corrugated packaging.


Our custom poly mailers are weatherproof, tearproof, and ultra-durable, meaning they won’t get damaged or torn while in transport. 

Easy to store

Custom poly mailers are ultra-thin, so they take up less storage space than boxes. On that note, they’ll also take up less room while in transport. 


Need a bag to ship clothing, books, printed media, or health and wellness products? Poly mailers can be used for all those items - and then some! Use our sizing calculator to find the right size bag for your products. View the difference today! 

Reduced carbon footprint

From manufacturing and shipping to their recyclable properties, using eco-friendly custom mailers mean you’ll reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Give our custom printed mailers a try today. 


Our custom branding options will help your shipments stand out in the mail. They can be customized to include your logo, colors, and imagery for a clean and sophisticated look. From white to red and everything in between, we can design the bag to your customizations with full color printing.

As you can see, the unique features and benefits of poly bag mailers make them a great choice for a variety of businesses. Curious about what eco-friendly mailers can mean for your business’ bottom line?

Reach out to us today for more information!

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Custom Eco-Friendly Mailers FAQs  

As a packaging provider for hundreds of companies, we get a lot of questions about our custom mailing envelopes. Here are a few of the most common:

Are your mailers recyclable? 

Yes, we make custom mailers that are fully recyclable. The easiest way for them to be recycled is for your customers to drop them off at stores or other dedicated facilities. You can use this website to find the drop-off location closest to you: plasticfilmrecycling.org

Can we add our logo to your mailers? 

Our mailers are completely customizable, which means you can add your logo, company name, brand colors, or other imagery to the mailers.

What sizes do you offer?

What size do you need? Our custom mailer bags can be ordered in virtually any size -- from earrings to a puffer jacket, we can create a custom poly bag to match!

Where can I get poly mailers? 

Although poly mailers are available for purchase at USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other department stores, CarePac is the best source for fully customized poly mailers. Plus, you can order bulk mailers and save money in the long run.

Can poly mailers be reused?

Most custom printed poly mailers have an extra tear strip included on them, which means your customers can open their packages easily and have the option to mail the items back to you in the same envelopes they came in. Even without a second adhesive strip, they can still reuse the bag by folding the bag over and using tape. 

What can poly mailers be used for?

Every company has different needs, so it’s difficult to give a cut-and-dry answer. Ultimately, if the product you’re shipping isn’t fragile and doesn’t require refrigeration or special handling, you can use poly mailers. Some items our customers use our custom printed poly mailer bags to ship include apparel, fabrics and yarns, books, shoes, and accessories.

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Experience the Carepac Difference

At CarePac, we’ll be with you every step of the way - we’ll help you select a material, perfect your branding, and decide on a bag volume that’s right for you and your industry. Overwhelmed with the options? We’re here to help, and are more than happy to recommend the correct product!

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