CareClear-PP (PET/PE)

CareClear-PP (PET/PE is a economical general use clear polyester based barrier material. The combination of Polyethylene Terephthalate and PE in the form of LLDPE provides strength and clarity in a heat sealable printable film. All while providing a economical price point. 

Barrier Properties

The barrier properties of PET/PE are suitable form many applications and fall squarely in the mid-range of barrier films. CareClear-PP can provide sufficient barrier to keep many products fresh for the full shelf life expectancy. 

Some applications not suitable for PET/PE would involve the requirement for light barrier, as PET/PE is a clear film, that even when printed will not prevent light exposure. 

Note: The performance of any film will be influenced by a number of factors and testing must always be performed to ensure the film meets the use.

Relative Performance Indications

Oxygen Barrier

Moisture Barrier

Light Barrier


Heat Resistance

Freezer Storage

Customer Profile

PET/PE was a good candidate for this use. 
Pet Pe printed bag CareClear-PP (PET/PE)

The customer required a bag which could be printed with logos and graphics, but allowed the product inside to be seen by the consumer. The high clarity of PET/PE allowed the viewing window to built into the art. 

Film Specifications

Transparent lamination of PET and LLDPE for use in a wide variety of packaging applications. 

Here are some of the common indicated properties for this PET/PE film

Sample Data

Available Thicknesses

3mil - 7mil

Sample Data Thickness

3.0 Mil +- 5μ


.34 gms/ hrs


7.36 cc/ hrs

Tensile Strength

19 (MD) ASTM D-882, 22 (TD) ASTM D-882


48 (MD) ASTM D-882, 48 (TD) ASTM-D992

Heat Seal Strength

>6 SIDE kg/15mm

Bond Strength

>400 g/15mm

Thrust Strength

>84 FED-STD-101-2065

Environmental Impact

This material is a multi-layer laminated plastic and will typically fall into the check-locally, or store drop off category. The product is 

icons eco 20 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)

At Home Compost

icons eco 21 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)


icons eco 20 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)


ECO 09 1 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
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Compliance Information

CareClear-PP is processed from raw resin which according to our film resine suppliers conforms to all applicable compliance standards indicated. 
small Icons 18 33 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)


logos 24 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)


logos 29 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)

FDA Food Approved

small Icons 18 32 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)

EU Food Approved

logos 26 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)


logos 21 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)

RoHS / R.E.A.C.H

Common Uses

Here are some common uses of this film. 

Snacks 1 5 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Snacks & Chips
Chips, Wafers, Nuts, Popcorn, Seeds, Trail Mix
Cannabis set 06 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Cannabis, extracts, edibles, marijuana
pills2 09 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Easy Pill Pouches
Yogurt and dairy
Pouch With Gummy Bears in side2 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Cookies & Candy
Biscuits, Cookies, Chocolate Bars, Candy, Chewing Gum
Clear bags 1 01 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Frozen Foods
Vegetables, Seafoods, Meat, Block Cheese
fertilizer 01 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Plant Seeds and Plant Fertilizer
Freeze 1 02 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Frozen Foods
Microwave Meals, Curries, Gravies, Sweet Corns
Spices 05 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Spices & Flour
Spices, Flour, Salt, Sugar, Rice, Papad, Baking Mix
dog treat 1 02 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Dog & Cat Food
Dog & Cat Food, Bird Seed, Livestock Feed
2 2 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Agro Chemicals, Detergent, Industrial Chemicals, Cement
Supplements 1 CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Powder Product
Protein Drinks, Milk Powder, Supplementary Powder
laser CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Laser Scoring
Various applications from dried products. 
square sachet CareClear-PP (PET/PE)
Nuts, Bolts, Tools, Plumbing fixtures

Related Materials


CareClear-PC PET/CPP

CareClear-PC provides some enhancement to heat potential with the use of Cast PP but also yields a very clear bag when used in thin film thicknesses.



CareClear-PNP is a enhanced version of CareClear-PP which includes the addition of Nylon to increase certain barrier characteristics and strength for liquid and powder applications. 

CareClear XP CareClear-PP (PET/PE)

CareClear-XP KPET/PE

PVDC coated PET provided extra barrier for applications which need enhanced WVTR and OTR, with the greatest increase being for the OTR barrier. 


Flexible Leadtimes


Digital & Plate Printing

We offer the full array of printing styles, bag finishes, and effects. 

Totally Custom Bags

customize every ASPECT of your bag. Size, material, features, configuration.

Testing & Compliance

Our materials are FDA CFR 73, BPA & Phthalate Free, and meet all the major compliance standards.


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