How to Pick the Right Stand Up

Pouch for Your Business


3 Steps to Choosing the Right Stand Up Pouch



Step 1: Determine the Right Size for Your Stand Up Pouch


One of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting their first stand up pouch is that they misjudge the size needed. Volume is important when selecting the right sized pouch. For example, fine grain salt takes up less volume than whole coffee beans.


We have unfortunately witnessed colossal fails when a customer ordered a bag that they thought would work for popcorn, only to realize it’s a pouch for popcorn kernels instead of fully popped corn. Wah wah! <img draggable=” />


The Basics of Stand Up Pouch Sizing


Let’s review the basics of pouch sizing. The dimensions of a stand up pouch are always listed in the following order: width, height and a gusset. If a pouch doesn’t have a gusset listed, it’s not a stand up pouch. It is a 2-seal or 3-seal pouch, which is different, as these pouches do not stand up on the shelf.


Next, pouch dimensions are always based on the outside of the bag as shown in the diagram below. You must remember that there is a seam that holds the bag together so you can’t assume that your product will fit inside without testing it. 


And finally you need to make sure you account for the space required for the zipper, tear notch, or hang hole if you are considering one for your stand up pouch. The fillable area of the bag is defined as the area below the zipper. It’s important to remember that this area is included in the dimensions of the bag but NOT part of the fillable area. So as they saw, Measure Twice, Cut Once!


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Start by Ordering Samples of Different Sized Pouches


If you want to choose the right size stand up pouch, start by ordering samples so you can actually put your product in the pouch. If your pouch is too full it will burst at the seams and you’ll experience a bag blowout.  If you have a lot of extra room you may be paying for more bag than you need, AND your customers may be disappointed when they see how little product is in the bag.That’s why we offer 100% custom sized pouches


You’ll also need to be aware of how much extra space you need to leave in the bag for natural expansion or gases that may be released during transport or while sitting on a store shelf. For packages that release gas you might want to consider a de-gassing valve


What Size of Stand Up Pouch Do I Need? 


Now that you know how the dimensions of a stand up pouch work, let’s figure out how much product will fit in various sized pouches. The table below shows how much water (or liquid) will fit in a specific sized pouch. You can also see that 1oz (28g) of cannabis will require a stand up pouch that measures 6x9x3.5 versus a 1/4oz (7g) of cannabis only requires a stand up pouch that measures 3.5×4.5. 



Before you order your product packaging in bulk, be sure to pack different product sizes in sample pouches until you are sure which ones fit best. You can order the sample sizes from mini, small, medium, large, to extra-large free, for this reason.


Step 2: Choose the Right Material for Your Stand Up Pouch


Most stand up pouches are made from metalized mylar. However, depending on what you are packaging, you can try clear, silver, foil, or kraft materials. Carepac even recyclable, compostable, or even biodegradable stand up pouches.


So how do you choose the right material? 

  1. Consider how long your product is going to be in the package 
  2. Consider the required shelf life
  3. Think about how important freshness is to your product and brand image.


For example, think about corn chips versus dried apples. Corn chips are usually packaged in economical medium to low barrier materials because most of us eat our chips quickly after purchasing them. Nobody expects chips to have an extensive shelf life and chips are a low margin item that requires a reasonably priced packaging solution.


Check out our handy chart that identifies what type of materials work best for what types of packaging. 


The material of the pouch you order will also factor into  the price of the packaging. If you wish to have a packaging bag with a clear window, it may also narrow the list of materials from which you can choose.


If you are new to packaging we recommend you chat with one of our packaging experts. We offer free consulting to ensure you pick the right bag for your needs. 

Step 3: Selecting Your Stand Up Pouch Features


Choosing the features on your bag is the fun part. You get to imagine how your customer will use your bag. 


The Versatile Hang Hole


Will they grab your bag off a peg rack at the local convenience store? If so, you need a hang hole. But don’t assume hang holes are only for low priced items. Think about the way candy or nuts are organized near the checkout in your favorite grocery store. They likely use a hang hole as well to make it easy to grab n’ go. Hang holes are the hardest working feature on a pouch so even if you expect your pouch to stand up on the shelf think about any possible retailer environments where your pouch may end up hanging.



The Resealable Zipper


Did you know there are more than six different types of of zippers that can be used on your pouch. It all depends on what you are putting in your pouch. For example, if you are packaging matcha green tea, you need a powder zipper because otherwise your bag will have trouble resealing and customers may spill an expensive product and never buy your product again due to the packaging “error.”



The Child Resistant Pouch


If you are packaging cannabis you may be required to use a child resistant zipper (it varies by state). But any product that is potentially dangerous to children really should be child resistant. This could be supplement pouches, or fertilizer bags, or detergent pods for example. 


Child resistant pouches are also smell proof and designed to be opaque so children cannot view inside the bag. If you are new to packaging and unsure what type of child resistant packaging you need be sure to reach out to our friendly packaging experts for a free consultation.



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