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Sachet vs Stick Pack Packaging


Sachet vs Stick Pack Packaging

Despite the rhetoric against single serve packaging, there are actually quite a few advantages of using quality single-use packaging, like stick packs and sachets, to package your products. In this blog, we'll start by discussing the difference between stick packs and sachets, before diving into the benefits of incorporating them into your production process and using them for your own single serve packaging.

Whether you're packaging sugar, pharmaceuticals, single servings of coffee, quality nutritional powders, or some other kind of sugar or powder products, understanding the difference between these flexible packaging options is key. Continue reading to lear more about sachets, stick packaging, and how they can be used with a vertical form fill seal packaging machine.


What is a stick pack?

Stick packs, also called stick packages, are the most common single dose packaging on the market. Usually used for sports drink powders or sugar, instant coffee, and other powdered products, stick pack packaging is characterized by its small size and narrow shape. These single dose packages are suitable for any kind of powder, and usually aren't used to package liquids, gels, or semi-solids. Stick packages are easily transportable and are loved by manufacturers for their convenience.

Stick packs are also a great marketing tool. Want to promote your nutritional supplements? Want to give your consumers a convenient way to enjoy your sugar product, while also displaying your brand name (in print!) to their friends? This is where stick pouches really come in handy. Yes, they keep your product fresh, but they're also a great solution for advertising in a very affordable way. Simply print your name and information directly onto the sachet, and voila!

What is a sachet?

Sachet packages, on the other hand, are typically reserved for liquid products, dairy products, or certain kinds of food products, like apple sauce or baby food. Sachet packages are typically sealed on three or four sides and its four side sealing method means it has a very strong seal that won't break during transport or storage.

Regardless of your specific needs, both packaging options are great for consumers with busy lives. Their production speed is quick, and they require minimal packaging equipment.


Sealing stick packaging & sachet packaging

Both of these types of plastic packaging can be used with standard packaging equipment and machines. Which type of packaging equipment you use depends on the type of single use packaging you're working with. For example, stick packs are sealed using free flowing stick pack machines while sachets are used with sachet packaging machines.

Both packaging machines use a vertical form fill seal, and both types of packs are easily sealed, even at high speeds. If you already have access to vertical packaging machines, stick or sachet packaging is a great choice for you.

Benefits of sachet packaging and stick packs

Whether you opt for sachets or stick packaging, or are packaging powder, food, or pharmaceutical products, you can't go wrong with this type of packaging. Here are a few of the primary benefits of using sachet packaging or a stick pack:

  • A stick pack is perfect for consumers with an on-the-go lifestyle

  • Easy for pharmaceutical industry to dose medicines and powder supplements

  • Each stick pack or sachet requires minimal equipment and machines to fill

  • Can be used for liquids, powders, and food products

  • Can work with a small packaging equipment budget

  • Has the convenience of low weight, for easy storage and transport

  • Each package is high quality and offers tons of convenience for consumers

  • Do not require volumetric fillers, auger fillers, or liquid fillers

  • Each sachet will keep dusty products from getting even dustier during transport and storage

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