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Pet Food Packaging

Pet Food Packaging That Will Make
 Your Pet Food Fly Off the Shelf

A family group shot of all the different types of custom pet bags Carepac offers including dog, cat and animal food bags.

People love their pets, let's make sure they love your pet food brand too! Consumers want high quality food and treats for animals, and that means that custom design of your pet food packaging is critical to compete for customers. The competition is fierce, but never fear, maintaining margins and having excellent quality need not be mutually exclusive with CarePac.

Every manufacturer in this industry knows that maintaining the freshness while protecting from damage in transit are the two most important factors to animal food packaging eg. dog food, treats, cat food, and other animal feed. We accomplish this by combining a mixture of several different barrier films made specifically for your pet food to stay safe and fresh even when shipping across the country. Our array of flexible barrier packaging designed specifically for pet food will give you an edge above the competition.

Custom Pet Food Packaging for
 Keeping Products Fresh

We offer a variety of bags for you to choose from to protect your products and show off your brand. Our flexible barrier plastic film is one of the best solutions in the packaging industry. These pouches lock products inside to keep them safe from moisture and oxidation, allowing for the preservation of freshness and nutrients within the food.

These types of bags are also proven to be easier to handle by manufacturers and customers than the rigid containers used by many brands. Our bags come with several food packaging features and can be fully customized to have a unique look on the shelf. Plus, with various specialty films available, our material will ensure your pouch is made of material designed for the requirements of pet food packaging.

Reduce Costs

We have many different flexible packaging solutions for budgets of all sizes. Now you can compete with the largest brands in the industry at a price that works for your business.

Flexible Lead-times

We offer a innovative flexible lead time menu which offers a selection of three lead times the fastest of which being 15 working days. The more time you give us to plan the production of your pet food packaging the more you save!

Freshness and Flavor

Packaging your pet food in high quality flexible packaging keeps your products fresher for longer and make storage simple for the end user. No matter the type of food and treat, it will arrive fresh.

Art & Design Services

Need a logo, or bag design for your project? Perhap you have an established brand but don't have a CPG pre-press artist on hand. No problem. We provide design setup services to help you create the branded pet food packaging your pet food deserves. 

Pouches & Bags for All
 Sorts of Pet Foods

Flexible barrier plastic film is one of the best solutions in the packaging industry. Pouches lock the products inside safe from moisture and oxidation. They are easier to handle by manufacturers and customers than rigid containers. Available with several food packaging features, bags can be fully customized to have a unique look on the shelf.

Dog Food Packaging

What's your brand's angle? With dog food bags you have a lot of marketing real-estate. Maximize consumer appeal with a 8-seal box bottom or side gusseted bag. 

Cat Food

Cat food is a similar market to dog food, but there are a few differences including size of the bag. Cat food bags are oftean smaller, so a 8-seal or a stand up pouch are viable configuration options. 

Other Pets

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and all our other furry friends need food too! With smaller animals the type of packaging solutions can be more varied! 

Popular Pet Food
Packaging Configuration

Our custom orders also allow for your to combine materials to get the look you desire.
See our recommended pet food packaging bag configuration options below.

Side-Gusseted Pouches

The side gusseted bags is a common bag configuration for large format pet food bags because it conforms well to the food pellets and works well with heavy weights.

Square Bottom Bag

Stand-up block bottom bag is typically chosen for pet foods that come in smaller weights like 5lbs or 10lbs, though pet food bags with weights up to 25 pounds can be used with a Square Bottom Bag.


Quad seal pouches have a reputation  for durability and are commonly used in pet food package. They are great for bags that don't require a zipper re-closure, or other features.

Make Your Bag Stand Out 

Along with the different types of bag configurations, you can choose between a variety of finishes to make your product pop. Consider something like a metallic finish to bring the customer’s eye to your packaging before your competitor’s. You could also consider a spot gloss finish / spot matte finish for both the appeal and durability. We have a wide variety of finishes, so look at all of them when creating your very own custom pet food package.

Metalic Effects

Metallic finishes could be applied to the whole bag or to just a logo. Metallic finishes can really catch the consumer's eye and grab attention. It's a more advanced packaging effect than you typically see in the pet food aisle! 

Spot Gloss / Matte

Anther advanced technique is spot gloss and spot matte, which combine the two finishes on the same surface. This finish combination can help make logos and other design elements really shine.


Plastics, foils the consumer is accustomed to big plastic bags with pictures of dogs, and cats, how about a Kraft exterior pouch which takes the totally opposite approach. 

Pet Food Packaging FAQ

Your packaging is one of the most important parts of your company. Whether you’re focusing on the look and feel of your brand, the freshness of your pet food, or both – we’ll answer your questions! If you’re still not sure what kind of bag you need, reach out to our team and we’ll answer your important questions. If you don’t know what kind of design you are looking for, we can get you hooked up with a graphics designer to help bring your brand onto the pouch.

Q: How much do these bags cost?

Along with choosing the right lead time to fit your budget, we also provide a variety of flexible barrier packaging solutions to fit your pet food needs. This allows you to compete with the largest brands in the industry at a price that works for your business. Custom printed pet food pouch prices vary based on the quantity of bags you are ordering, the size of the bag, and the material you choose.

Q: How many bags should I start with?

We can help you decide what works best for you. Just reach out. Our full production print runs start at 5,000 bags, but we can do small digital prototyping runs as well.

Q: How long will it take to get my packaging?

Our lead time menu offers a variety of choices to best fit your budget. You can choose between the Express, Standard, or Economy options! If you have any questions, reach out to our team.

Q: What if I want a custom logo?

New brand logo? No problem! Our team provides custom brand design services for all your pet food needs. From a dog to a snake or beyond, we will create the branded pet food packaging your product deserves.

Q: What are the minimum order quantities?

Digital prototyping runs from as low as 100 bags, with full production print runs starting at 5,000 bags for your pet food.

Q: Are the material FDA Approved?

While animal feed packaging may be governed by different rules than human food contact packaging, we treat our animals like family, there's no reason the packaging should treat them differently. All of our materials are FDA approved, and free of TSE, BPA and Sulfer & Phthalates.

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