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To succeed in the manufacturing industry, you need to be a team player. One significant member of your larger team will be your flexible packaging manufacturer. As you design your bags, it is good to think about the person you will entrust to make them for you. Here's a few qualities your flexible packaging manufacturer should have and some essential bag manufacturer questions you should ask before purchasing packaging solutions.
Coffee printing 30 12 Questions to Ask Your Flexible Packaging Provider Company

In this article, we will guide you on the 12 essential bag manufacturer questions to ask about their manufacturing process and technologies before buying. With the answers to these bag manufacturer questions, you will determine if a bag maker can give you a good deal or not. You'll also learn a little more about their packaging technologies  and solutions. If you're interested in learning about mistakes to avoid when designing your own packaging, check out our article here where we round up the top 10 mistakes companies make when creating packaging dielines. 

Here are the questions you should ask you flexible packaging supplier or flexible packaging company today.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging FAQs

Whether you are new to custom printed packaging or a seasoned pro you may have a few questions about our products and process.

Q: What Minimum Order Quantity Can I Place for Packaging?

At Carepac, we give our customers two choices for the minimum quantity orders they can place. If you are ordering digital printed bags, we allow a minimum order of as few as 100 pieces. (yes 100 printed bags!) 

In addition, when ordering the plate printed bags, the least number you can order is 5,000. If you want to know how much your order will cost you, we have an Quick Quote to give you your price.

Q: Can You Fully Customize? Are You Flexible?

Unlike most of our competitors, who do not allow a fully customized bag, we will let you choose your unique design to suit your taste and budget. When you pick from set sizes, you may pay more for features you do not need, making your bags more costly in the end. Whether you're looking for flexible beverage packagingsustainable food packaging, flexible food packaging, flexible plastic packaging, or flexible cosmetic packaging, this is important. 

At Carepac, we understand your products may be unique, needing unique packing, or you may have a special request from a client to package for them in a particular way. That is why we allow you to choose your design, and then we customize your bags.

Q: Are Your Bag Making Raw Materials and Practices Approved?

Carepac uses only FDA-approved materials.

Q: How Many Bags Do I Need to Buy to Get to XX Price Per Unit?

Do you have a specific amount to spend on bags? Are you thinking about the cost of your bags per unit? Whatever you have in mind regarding the cost of your order, we have a solution for you. Using the Carepac Instant Online Calculator, you will know the estimated cost of your order or your price per unit. 

Q: Does Your Company Offer Help With Design Services? If So, May I Ask the Fee? 

Carepac does not charge a consultation fee for your art. We offer free consultation and art setup support for our customers.

Q: How Soon Can I Have The Bags in Hand from the Provider?

When placing your order, you can choose if you want the bags done in 15 or more working days, depending on the urgency of your order. However, this may not be inclusive of the shipping time, which may depend on your location and the shipping company.

Q: What does Production Time Include?

Production time includes the time we take to complete making your bags. The time it takes for the order to leave our premises and get to your door is not included. 

This is because we may not control the shipment of your order since that largely depends on the efficiency of the shipping company. As you order your bags, we advise you to factor in freight time so that you do not run out of supplies awaiting the bags to arrive.

Q: Can I Talk to Your Representative about My Order? Is All Communication Through Email only?

Carepac understands your design is important to you and that you want it done right. We, therefore, offer free consultation so that you can explain what you want to our designers. 

Our bags experts are always available to discuss your order to ensure you get your art right. You can call, email, or visit our offices for a free consultation with them.

Q: Do I Need to Have an Art File to Get a Quote from Your Business?

An art file may help us to give you a more accurate quote. However, even without an art file, you can get a free estimate using our quick online calculator.

Q: What Type of Format Should My Pouches Design Be in?

Industry best practices demand the use of Adobe Illustrator for the best results. You may use other formats like Inkscape, Photoshop, EPS, SVG, and Canva, but they do not give the best results. 

We also advise you to use vector files do not lose configuration when enlarged or minimized. They produce uniform results on big and small pieces. Here are some of the design mistakes you should avoid.

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What kind of bags do you need to package your products? Maybe you already know, or you are not yet sure. Get in touch with Carepac bag experts for a free consultation on your bag design art.  

We will also give you free art setup support to help you get it right. You can also visit our website to calculate your unit price or the estimated cost of your order. We offer pocket-friendly rates while upholding high qualities for all our orders. Besides, we offer low minimum orders, unmatched customer services and a 5% price match guarantee. If your business is especially bootstrapped, we've compiled tips for how to reduce packaging costs here.

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