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Gummy Packaging

What Makes For Quality Gummy Packaging?

The gummy candy market is exploding -- and it’s not just limited to sour gummy worms and gummy bears anymore. In addition to "Normal" gummy candies, gummy vitamins and THC/CBD gummies are growing in popularity, too! So, how can you make your gummy product stand out from all the noise? High-quality, beautiful gummies packaging -- that’s how!

Show off your product’s personality with custom gummy bear packaging that’s designed just for you. Because, let’s face it, that brown, wholesale packaging is doing you no favors. There’s a time and a place for that kind of packaging, but your gummy candies, vitamins, or cannabis products aren’t it. In this blog, we’ll cover what to look for when packaging gummy products so you can make an educated decision. But first, let’s take a peek at the market growth of gummy products and accessories.

Gummy Market Growth

Within the candy industry, the popularity of gummy products is exploding. Just two or three decades ago the only gummy options were gummy bears or worms, but now there’s a gummy product in virtually every size, shape, and flavor. And don’t forget about sour gummy products!

Did you know that the global gummies and jellies market is predicted to reach $40 billion by 2024? Yep, you read that right -- $40 billion! North America is the big winner in the gummy market share, with gummies made in the United States accounting for more than 80% of total gummy revenue. Whether you’re a gummy candy manufacturer in the United States or not, the fact of the matter is that you need to be competitive to stay afloat in this highly competitive market.
And it’s not just the popularity of gummy candy that’s growing, either. In recent years, as cannabis becomes legalized for health and recreational use throughout the United States, gummy cannabis products are growing in popularity, too. And don’t forget about gummy vitamins! In the past, vitamins were chalky and had little to no flavor and now they taste just like candy!

So, you get it -- gummy products are super popular and your product simply needs to make an impact. Read on to learn how custom gummy packaging can help your product stand out on shelves.

Seven Gummy Designs To Consider

Your gummy packaging is your customer’s first impression of your product -- why not do your best to make it a good one? Great packaging will make your current customers remember your brand and will help convince potential customers to give your product a try. Packaging can help communicate your brand propositions through color, shape, and other design elements.

When it comes to gunny packaging, here are seven different design options to consider:

Gummy Market Startup?

A clear window is a design element that’s intended for the customer, as it’ll give them a view inside. This is especially important if your product is brightly colored or contains sugar crystals.

Bright Colors and

With our custom digital printing you can “wow” your customers with bright colors and graphics. We can add your logo or incorporate your brand colors onto your branded mylar bags!


If you’re looking for packaging solutions for medicated gummies, you’ll need to ensure you’re using a child resistant mylar bag. Our edibles mylar bags are the perfect choice! 


Not everyone wants to eat an entire bag of candy at once. By making your bag resealable you can give your customers confidence that the snack inside will stay fresher for longer.

Soft Touch

Have you ever held a wrapper or product pouch that just feels high-quality? Soft touch packaging just screams upscale, so take your customer’s experience up a notch with premium packaging options.


Another important aspect is smell-proof packaging options. Our smell-proof gummy packaging will keep the scent of your product inside the package -- where it belongs.

Experienced Designer

One thing you probably haven’t thought about is the experience of your designer. Fortunately, we can provide a referral to a great designer who has plenty of experience in the flexible packaging space.
As you can see, there are a lot of different things to consider when shopping for gummy packaging. Have questions? Need help? Our customer service agents are super friendly and can help you design the gummy packaging of your dreams.

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Don’t Forget About The Barrier!

We could have included this up above, but we felt it deserved its own section: you simply CANNOT forget about the barrier in your plastic bags. While tins may look stylish and chic, the truth of the matter is that they do nothing to keep your product fresh. Metal tins and cans are fine for one-time use products, but for snacks or wholesale products you simply need to select a barrier pouch.

Flexible barrier pouches will protect the product inside from the elements -- meaning your product won’t be exposed to excess oxygen or moisture every time it’s opened. If you’re packaging a gummy product that’s going to be consumer over time (including gummy vitamins or cannabis gummies), a barrier pouch is your best chance at keeping that product fresh.

How To Create Your Gummy Packaging Design

Now that you understand the importance of barrier pouches and know the important design features you should consider, you’re probably wondering HOW to create your gummy packaging design. Well, it’s easy! Simply partner with a gummy packaging design company (like CarePac) and we’ll walk you through the process.

We sell commercial grade FDA approved stand up pouches and barrier packaging. In addition, we have a collection of stock size packaging or customized options to choose from, all to fit your unique needs!
Whether you are just starting a new project or considering switching suppliers, talk with us to see how your
product can benefit from our quality packaging.

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As you design and produce your gummies mylar bags, it’s important to find a packaging partner that offers all of the above and then some! When you partner with a flexible packaging company that specializes in digital printing, low order minimums, short lead times, and stellar customer services, you can rest assured that your product packaging is in good hands.

Plus, we have the equipment necessary to product a beautiful product in a short amount of time. 

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