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Filter Pack Coffee Packaging - Coffee Filter Packs

Filter Pack Packaging & Tubing

Are you a coffee or gourmet tea brand that’s looking to switch your tubing or rollstock supplier? Have you wanted to make the switch away from using a Keurig pod for your coffee towards a more green choice, but aren’t sure where to start? Fortunately, CarePac has tons of experience in the flexible packaging industry, and our selection of filter pack packaging and tubing simply can’t be beat.

Unlike other companies that primarily sell vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines and try to upsell you on expensive and lesser-quality packaging and tubing, coffee packaging and tubing is ALL we do; therefore, we specialize in it! From flat pouches and stand-up pouches to tubing and roll stock, CarePac has exactly what you need (and in the quantity/count you need it.)

Filters Pack (Premeasured)

Often referred to as a coffee filter pack, you might be familiar with these lay flat pouches if you’ve stayed in a hotel room with a full-size coffee machine that doesn’t brew coffee with filters. Unlike Keurig or other single-serve coffee formats, filter packs usually make a few cups at a time. Here, coffee is ground, pre-measured, and sealed inside a pouch, which is then sealed inside a flat pouch. Filter coffee packs are often sold in small quantities, making it a good choice for start-ups, prototyping, or other cases where low MOQs are required. And, it’s a win for hotel chains since the “filterless” aspect means there’s less mess. 

Pillow Pack Bags (vs Pod)

Pillow pack coffee bags are very similar to the filter pack coffee mentioned above, except there are no filters. With this option, you simply insert the ground coffee into the bag, and the user will be required to use their own filter. Though this means more mess, these pillow bags are often less expensive than filter pack coffee bags since they don’t include the filter. Regardless, both filter pack coffee and pillow pack coffee bags are more economical and better for the environment than single-use plastic Keurig cups. And, as society continues to become more eco-conscious, you’ll need to make the switch eventually. 

Stand-Up Pouches &

Box Bottom Coffee Bags

Stand-up pouches are an economical secondary outer packaging for multi-packs of coffee filter packs.  Stand up pouches are more common as outer packaging for multipack coffee filters packs because they can save you money over other forms of outer packaging. Stand up pouches are slightly different from Box Bottom bags, while they both stand up on a shelf. Box Bottom Bags have full side gussets and are very popular for ground or whole bean coffee in 10oz, 12oz, 16 ozs. or to package coffee beans or grounds in bulk (think: the standard-size coffee bags you see “standing up” on the shelves at the supermarket.)  Bulk or wholesale is a common use of stand up pouches these bags can be purchased in sizes ranging from 1 pound all the way up to 5 pounds (though we can make larger bags if you custom-order them) and can be manufactured with a degassing valve or resealable zipper. After all, you put tons of time and effort into making sure your coffee tastes great -- why risk ruining that with low-quality packaging that lets oxygen and light seep in?

Tubing & Rollstock

If you already have a VFFS machine, purchasing coffee tubing and rollstock from CarePac can help you save money. Although vertical form fill seal machine makers often sell coffee tubing and rollstock themselves, the quality isn’t always the best, and it’s often sold at a premium. Since we focus ONLY on selling and manufacturing pre-printed materials and printed flexibles, ours are almost always going to be cheaper (and better!) than those sold by machine manufacturers.

It’s simple -- our tubing is cut to a specific length (aka, it’s “pre-printed”), so you just insert it into your loading machine. We also sell rollstock in bulk, which allows you to cut to your own desired length.

Other Types of Barrier Bags 

Barrier bags are designed to keep oxygen, moisture, light, and other contaminates out of the bag, so the contents within remain as fresh as the day they were packaged. Virtually every bag we sell on our site is a barrier bag (or can be manufactured with properties that make it a barrier bag), so you can rest assured that the coffee tubing and rollstock you purchase from CarePac will have built-in barrier properties. To learn more about our barrier bags and how they’re made, click here.

Why CarePac?

Still not sold? CarePac focuses exclusively on flexible barrier packaging of all types and for all industries, from wholesale cannabis companies to coffee roasters and distributors, just like you. We have exceptional customer service representatives and are committed to making sure your order is completed accurately. With our CareDesign® process, you can rest assured that your coffee tubing and rollstock order will be completed to perfection - every single time.

On top of that, our flexible lead times mean that YOU’RE in control of the speed-to-cost ratio. With our lead-time menu, you can select which option suits you. We offer digital-printed bags that take 3+ weeks, or you can opt for economy plate printing for a much shorter lead time. With the longer lead times, we have the ability to optimize our production scheduling and pass on those savings to you.

We’re transparent with our lead times and costs from the get-go, and your entire project will be handled by someone who truly cares. Unlike other companies that forget about you as soon as you pay, we’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

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From the colors to the material, we understand you put a lot of love into the look and feel of your products. With vivid colors, quick printing, and a variety of materials to choose from, we have the tools, technology, and the speed to make your project a reality. We’ve been selling wholesale coffee bags for over 20 years -- we think it’s time you give us a try. Get a Quick Quote and start your project today.

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