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Foil Embossed Packaging  Foil Stamping & Embossing

Foil Embossed Stamping and Metalized Printing

CarePac offers three popular metalized effects: foil stamping, hot stamping, and metallization.

Foil stamping uses a die to apply a thin layer of foil to a specific area of your bag with templates. It's a popular surface application that occurs after the other printing has been completed. Hot stamping is a way to print simple logos, labels, posts, or images on bags using basic colors. Finally, metallic effects combines the ink colors of your choice with a metallization area to create metalized effects.

Metalized areas create a luxurious look which draws the eye to your pouch. With modern metallization techniques, foil metallization can be combined with PMS ink colors to create vivid and unique graphics for your business packaging. Often, the adage "less is more" can be applied to embossed foil, as a little can go a long way in creating a stunning design or print. 

Gold Foil Print vs Silver Foil Print vs. Metallization

The two main types of embossed foil stamped are gold foil printing and silver stamped foil. Both colors can work to make your brand stand out. If you’re looking for something even more customized, we offer a range of metallic colors that can be used to create unique hues and colors of foil. The different types of stamped foil and metallization have different finishes that can be applied, or combined with the foil stamp. All types of metalized effects can be combined with other finishes on the same bag, but certain types of foil can only have one finish for the foil areas. 

Type of Foil Effect

Matte Finish



Combined Finishes

Apply on Clear  Material

Metalized Effects


Very High

Any Color



Embossed Foil



Silver or Gold



Hot Stamping



Basic Colors



Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping uses a selection of colored plastics to stamp a basic imprint onto the plastic bag.  It is a simpler process than printing, and uses solid colors to create a unique effect on pouches.


CarePac offers exceptional pricing on embossed foil, hot stamping and metallization. Metallization does not require a die, but may require printing plates. Embossed foil stamping requires a die to create the foil layout. All three effects are available from orders of 5000 bags or more.

Limitations of Custom Embossed

Foil Stamping

The primary limitation to foil stamping on plastic bags is that the foil is a solid material that cannot have gradients applied to it and cannot be applied in very small thin line areas. In comparison, metalized effects can be made in much more detail and combined with ink to create colors. Foil stamping is best for larger (14pt or larger) text, or logos that do not require fine detail areas.


Can plastic bags be blind embossed? 

No plastics cannot be blind embossed because the materials do not accept compress the same way that paper products do.

What colors are available with hot stamping, embossed foil or metallization effects? 

With hot stamping CarePac offers, red, green, blue, yellow, and several over primary colors For embossed foil stamping we offer silver and yellow. With metallization we offer almost any PMS color you can think of, as we combine metallization with a PMS of your choice. 

Can embossed foil or metallization be combined with spot UV, matte, or soft touch?

Embossed foil is pressed onto the material after printing and finishes have been applied, whereas metalized effects are created during the printing process of the film that will become your bag and can have various effects applied. So both can be combined with a matte, or gloss, but embossed foil itself will always have a gloss finish on the foil areas.. 

Can plastic bags be debossed?

Debossing is the process of sinking in a area to create a depression the material. Unfortunately plastics cannot be debossed. To learn the differences between debossing vs embossing check out our blog. 

Does CarePac sell foil and embossed roll labels?

No CarePac does not sell labels at this time. We do sell foil embossed roll stock, pouches, and bags.. 

What has the more “premium” look embossed foil stamping or metallization effects?

Great question, both can look great, the embossed foil will generally have a “richer” look to the silver and gold color, but the metallization can be combined with ink to create a more “wholistic” look to your art designs. 

Does CarePac offer matte gold or matte silver foil?

Carepac offers matte metalized effects with our metallic services. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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