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Eco Friendly Coffee Bags | Green & Sustainable Coffee Packaging

Compostable packaging from soil-to-soil, matched to your company’s needs & connecting you to your customers.

Want to Upgrade Your Coffee Pouches Look and Sustainability?

Finding the right coffee packaging manufacturer can be stressful. There are thousands of company choices ranging in different pre-print styles, dimensions, materials, and colors. Worse than that? You won’t know which one to choose unless you’re an expert when it comes to them.

Introducing CarePac Eco-Friendly Coffee Bags:

A New Way to Package Coffee Beautifully & Sustainably

CarePac makes getting an eco-friendly custom packaging solution quick and easy. We offer top-shelf, Plate and digitally printed, flexible packing solutions for coffee roast brands of all sizes, making it easy for you to be more sustainable. 

With a brilliant display of your products in fully-customized, pre-printed, biodegradable pouches, you can charge a premium price, increase brand recognition and improve product shelf life drastically.

All that, while standing out from other coffee roast brands through an environmentally friendly touch.

A Bag That's Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable & Sustainable

CarePac specializes in delivering sustainable coffee packaging that’s more than just a pouch. We create and curate totally custom eco-friendly packaging solutions for coffee roasting brands, designed to meet and exceed coffee industry standards.

Customer appeal and improved brand impressions

Professional-grade pouches with carefully crafted, beautiful designs alongside eco-friendly materials means you always attract newer, older, and more customers alike.

Fast and easy turnaround times

Turn your dream project into a quick reality; our lead time menu for Express, Standard, and Economy ensures you have options, and can stay in stock.

Low minimum orders

Order as few as 5000 box bottom bags to start, and go up from there. Smaller quantities available on stand up pouches. 

We love what we do and never compromise when it comes to quality. We’ve provided award-winning packaging that’s beautiful, functional, and anything but ordinary. Add that to the fast, easy, and affordable approach we bring to coffee roast brands? And you start to get a sense of what we're all about.

Fast, Easy, and Affordable Coffee Pouches Made from Paper & Recyclable Materials For Small Businesses

Established Roaster? Or Just starting out. CarePac makes it insanely easy for you. We focus on making each coffee package emphasize your product’s best benefits, while creating an unforgettable experience for each customer. With colors that pop, edges that jag, and materials that feel premium to touch, we target all of your customer’s desires for a product with packaging that makes it truly feel special.

You should never underestimate your packaging – work with a partner who understands its potential for your brand. Contact us today to discuss and test your coffee’s next package, then start gaining the recognition and publicity your brand deserves.

Give Your Business a Competitive Edge: Get Ahead Of The Curve

Your product’s packaging can be the difference between a disappointed customer and a loyal brand advocate.

That’s why today, most brands are making the effort to shift from conventional plastics to eco-friendly and biodegradable options. More than that? It’s hardly a choice. Consumers prefer it, and brands profit more from it.

At CarePac, we help you join in. With both standard and off-the-shelf packaging, we provide the easiest and best value solutions available for your brand to remarkably flourish – all while staying green.

Take the Next Step and Be a Leader in Your Industry

As complicated as building a on-brand coffee pouch, we pride ourselves in keeping our process simple to help designers and roasters harness the power of our award-winning packaging to:

We are dedicated to delivering everything you stand for and enjoy seeing your bags emerge every store aisle with eyes and attention, exuding the confidence that matches the passion you have for the flavors found in your roasts. Together, we'll craft the ultimate package to elevate your brand, whether you feel small, medium, or large as a brand.

Coffee Bags Made From the Greenest Materials We Could Find
(Even the hard-to-find kind)

We seek out the current best-in-class materials available, maintain the strict quality standards, and have an unshakeable commitment to creating sustainable packaging options for all sizes of coffee roast brands.

You can expect every pre-print pouch to have great print quality with unique designs that allow your product to shine, so it can stand out on shelves and everywhere in between.

Here’s what makes each one of them special:

Compostable coffee packaging- Kraft paper

Kraft paper compostable pouches are made with CareCompost-KP®, the best PLA material on the market, and CarePac is able to turn them into the attractive coffee bags you use at your coffee roasting company. You get the best prints and the highest quality PLA materials that provide a high extra barrier, ensuring your bag's product always stays fresh while extending its shelf life more than a normal flexible barrier material would.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a compostable coffee bag that looks and feels like a traditional plastic, consider CareCompost-KVP, or CareCompost-NKMEPS. These two high tech materials offer high barrier, along with industrial, or at-home compostability. 

Commonly considered as the future for environmentally friendly barrier films, our Kraft paper compostable coffee packaging gives your coffee the protection it needs in a single layer while allowing high composability, closing the energy-intensive recycling loop.

Allowing product to be taken quick and on-the-go

 Reducing any risks of spillage with a resealable bag design
• Maintaining bean flavor and freshness through a single layer
Maximizing brand eco-friendliness through CareCompost solutions to the best natural and compostable materials

Additional coffee packaging features

Degassing valve
Compostable degassing valves come mean that the entire package you choose can decompose.

Resealable coffee packaging
Compostable zippers, or non-compostable tin-ties can be used, depending on what you select.

Recyclable coffee packaging

With a barrier of protection, our recyclable coffee bags serve as an attractive option that give stronger protection than our uncoated kraft and rice paper bag options.  While most laminated plastics aren’t easily recycled, CarePac offers a PE/PE Baix recyclable variant that solves the issue. Flexible, durable, and lightweight, they’re popularly used due to only needing two layers and give an easy means to disposal for end consumers. With endless options for customization, you can receive a whole range of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns with this type of coffee bag.

Duplex Kraft  Bags

A timeless look and a sophisticated simplicity duplex kraft bags, made from wood pulp, remain a popular option among coffee roasters due to being affordable, accessible, and versatile altogether. While printing effects are generally limited, sometimes, less is more.  Whether you want a coffee bag that sustains product for a shorter time frame or has a simple look and easy carry ability aspect, our kraft paper coffee bags fulfill that role perfectly. Specifically designed to serve as one of our easiest bags to recycle, their light weight and uncoated appearance gives a natural, charming, and homey-feel to any coffee roast brand.

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Why Your Packaging and Its Impact Matters

A coffee bag is more than just a visual representation of your brand, it’s a message to your customers that you believe in your product as well as the world that revolves around it, which is why biodegradable packaging is so important. 

While one small coffee bag doesn't seem like a lot of waste, chances are your customers have already gone through thousands of bags since you started roasting at the beginning of this year. These brilliantly designed bags protect your coffee as well as your environment.

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