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Custom Pre Roll Packaging

Elevated Packaging for Your Pre-Rolls

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Pre Roll Packaging: Custom for You

Pre-rolls, why complicate such a simple product with bulky and ineffective packaging, when you can partner with a flexible packaging company like CarePac. Our flexible packaging for cannabis will save you money and preserve your joint, making it a win for your customer and for you! Plus, did we mention that they’re super easy to load?

A pre roll joint very popular cannabis product because they’re convenient, straightforward and easy to use -- users don’t have to worry about spending time learning how to roll a joint or purchasing expensive accessories like grinders or rolling papers. Simply open the packaging, remove the pre roll joint, and enjoy.

Pre-Roll Packaging Options

Though tubes are a popular choice, they aren’t always the most economical choice for companies in the cannabis industry. They’re expensive as-is, but adding child-resistant properties can quickly skyrocket the final price. Fortunately, CarePac has a few different custom pre roll packaging options that can help you save money and improve your bottom line. Learn more about our custom packaging.

Custom Pre-Roll Pouches Barrier Bags Flexible Roll Mylar Pouches Glossy Finish

Flexible Pouches for Pre Rolls

You can use flexible pouches or mylar bags for cannabis in a couple of different ways. First, you can use it as direct packaging for your pre roll, meaning the joint will be inserted directly into the pouch without any additional packaging. This will save you big bucks on expensive child-resistant tubes and ultimately means your customer has to deal with less mess. Plus, less custom packaging is always the better choice for the environment.

The other way you can incorporate flexible pouches into your pre-roll packaging of pre roll tubes is by using the flexible pouch as an outer layer of packaging around the tube. The benefit to this is that pouches can be pre-printed with your logo or company info, and doing so costs less than printing directly onto the pre rolls tube.

Heat Shrink Sleeves for Pre-Roll Tubes

You’re probably already familiar with the concept of heat shrinking, but you may be wondering how it applies to pre-roll packaging. If you currently use adhesive labels on your tubes, bottles and caps, or jars, heat-shrink sleeves are a great alternative. With heat shrink sleeves, you can wrap your pre rolls and containers, bottles, concentrate jars, or pre roll tubes with shrink wrap. This allows you to fully brand your concentrate jars, cones, and tubes in a cost-effective way. And no more fumbling around with difficult-to-use adhesive stickers!

An additional benefit of custom packaging and heat shrink sleeves is that it’s very obvious to tell when the product has been tampered with. In an industry as highly regulated as the cannabis industry, any additional element of security is only a benefit.

Custom Printed Pre-Roll Shrink Sleeve Labels for Pre Roll Tubes
Custom Printed Pre Roll Tubes Labels Packaging Pre-Roll Container

Vertical Form Fill Seal Tubing

With vertical form fill seal tubing, roll stock or tubing that’s on a roll is fed into a machine. You can then drop the pre roll in, and the machine will automatically make a pouch for your containers. This is only an option for high-volume orders, so be sure to reach out to our team to ensure you meet the MOQ threshold. We’ll ask a few questions, and we’ll be able to tell you which is the right choice for you.

Save Money, Save Time with CarePac

By trusting CarePac with your pre-roll packaging and mylar bags, you can save time and money. And in today’s economic climate, who doesn’t want to save a little extra on operating costs? But why choose CarePac? Not only do we have years of experience with cannabis packaging, but we’re a family-operated, owner-involved company. Other packaging companies will make you feel like the little guy, but at CarePac, we promise to make you a priority from start to finish. Want to customize your preroll containers? We can help!

When you submit a form, you’ll get connected directly with the owners. Once your design is ready, you’ll have a one-on-one review process, where your questions will be answered in real-time. We have flexible lead times and offer prototyping runs from the low 100s. 

Have questions? Want to get started with custom packaging for your pre rolls? Get an Instant Quote today. 

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