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Cat Product Packaging
Packaging for Cat Food, Treats & Litter

Cat Product Packaging That Will
Help Your Product Shine

Whether you produce, manufacture, or co-pack cat food, treats, cat litter, or toys, you already know how saturated the cat product industry is. Walk down the cat aisle at any pet store, and you’ll be bombarded with shelves and shelves of food, treats, and other products catered to our feline friends, each with its own unique packaging design and style.

If you want to stand out from the competition and convince that cat owner to pick up your product, you’ll need to invest in high-quality cat product packaging that represents your product in the best way possible. That’s where we come in. CarePac has decades of experience in the packaging industry, and we can help you get a much-deserved edge over your competition.

Cat Products We Can Package

Within the “cat product” category, there are multiple different sub-categories, and we can create packaging for them all! Here are a few of the cat products we can help you package.

Cat Food

From dry kibble to gourmet cat food that needs to be refrigerated, CarePac has a cat food packaging solution for you. Our high-quality and ultra-durable bags are able to hold up to the rough handling that you’d expect for cat food. With resealable features, you’ll never have to worry about your wholesale or commercially-sized cat food going bad while in storage.

Cat Litter

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know how heavy those cat litter cartons are (and how much litter you go through!) Fortunately, our high-quality bulk packaging means that your customer can purchase a lot of litter without having to worry about accidental spills, tears, or breaks. Our packaging is ultra-durable and can withstand daily wear and tear.

Cat Treats

This is one area where our CareDesign team can really help take your packaging to the next level. Not only will we design a cat treat bag that will keep your product fresh, but it will market your product in the best way possible. Whether you want pops of color, upscale soft-touch packaging, or your logo front and center, we can help you design the perfect bag.


Another area where freshness is key, we can incorporate zippers and other stay-fresh elements into your cat nip packaging. This way, kitty is just as excited for his or her cat nip trip as they were on day one. In addition to cat nip, we can also package small toys or other fresh treat products in our

Other Cat Product Packaging to Consider

While the above cat product packaging covers all the bases, there are other cat food, treat, and toy packaging types and features to consider. Learn a little more about them below.


With complete custom sizing, and a wide selection of materials, features, and printing methods. CarePac has a resealable bag for your.  Contact Us to get your order started.

Packaging for
Frozen Foods

Fully custom printed and laminated resealable bags in a selection of configurations. With custom printing you can elimenate labeling, and focus on marketing your product.

Sustainable and
Eco-Friendly Options

Stand up resealable bags are  popular for a reason. Both consumers and brand owners enjoy the easy of use, full edge to edge printing, and compatibility with most major bag recloser options.  

The Benefits of Working with CarePac

There are so many benefits to working with CarePac. First, we’re a small family-owned company, and when you call us, you’ll be speaking directly with the owners. We treat each and every customer with respect, which is why so many of our customers have been working with us for years. Here are a few other things that set us apart from the rest:

Flexible MOQs

Startups can enjoy prototyping quantities from as low as 100 bags, while established brands get access to very competitive pricing on production quantity runs.

FDA Approved

Cats are important, so all of our cat product packaging is FDA approved, and free of TSE, BPA and Sulfer & Phthalates. See why we're a favorite in the industry?

We Save You Money

We have many different flexible packaging solutions for budgets of all sizes. Now your cat food and treat bags can compete with the largest brands in the industry at a price that works for your business.

Innovative Lead
Time Options

With multiple lead time options, we pass the savings on to you. With CarePac, you’ll have your cat product packaging in your hands in less time.

Full Customization

Full customization is available, so your brand is set to succeed on the shelf or online. We provide full brand design services to help you create the branded cat product packaging your food, treats, and litter deserves.

Get Started Today

As you can see, CarePac truly takes the guesswork out of designing and printing the perfect bag for your cat food, treats, litter, or other cat products. No matter your needs, we are committed to providing you with the best solution. Get a Quick Quote to learn more about our cat product packaging solutions today!

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