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Oklahoma Cannabis Packaging 

OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the marijuana fields!  All joking aside, While it may have seemed unlikely a few years ago, the cannabis industry is thriving Oklahoma. Low infrastructure costs, low cost of entry, good geographic location for future state or federal legalization and no cap on the number of dispensaries. Plus, it’s relatively easy for residents to obtain a medical marijuana card. 

So, what’s this mean for cannabis companies in Oklahoma? Lots and lots of competition. But never fear. You can keep your Oklahoma-based cannabis dispensary/company thriving with custom printed packaging and cannabis containers from CarePac. 

Read on to learn more about customized packaging for pre rolled cones, loose flower, other cannabis products at your dispensary. 

Compliant Cannabis Bags

Every state has different requirements for cannabis packaging, so if your dispensary is operating in Oklahoma for the first time it’s important to brush up on the basics of bottles, concentrate jars, bags for a gram, and wraps. Similar to other states, there are a few general packaging requirements to keep in mind. First, the packages should be designed to be as minimally appealing to minors as possible (ex: no cartoons) and must be packaged in child-resistant packaging. Check out our full blog post on Oklahoma Cannabis packaging regulations. 

CarePac Offers packaging that is compliant with Oklahoma Cannabis packaging regulations! 

Benefits of CarePac’s Cannabis Packaging

There are multiple benefits of working with CarePac to design and manufacture your Oklahoma cannabis packaging. Here are just a few.



Many Oklahoma cannabis brands aren't rolling ahead to the day Marijuana is legal in all 50 states, but if you are one of the smart ones you should be. As Cannabis goes mainstream the need to be FDA compliant will only grow. All of our bags are manufactured with materials that are approved by the FDA, meaning the cannabis gram or other contents within will be safe and free from chemical impurities. All cannabis bags purchased from CarePac are free from TSE, BPA and Sulfur & Phthalates. 

Child Resistant - Compliant Packaging

If you speak with a lawyer and bring us the exact requirements you need for a bag to be compliant, we can make a bag that’ll meet all those specifications. Compliance is particularly important in the cannabis industry and nobody understands that more than we do.

Finishes! Soft Touch, Matte Varnish, UV Gloss, Holographic, and more!

Our cannabis packaging is super durable and will make your design pop, because unlike some of the competitors (who we shall not mention! ;) we don't limit you to a printed single coating option and can combine mattes, glosses, and other finishes on the same surface of the bag. 

Great Prices!

Our price is low and our quality is high, so even if you’re a smaller operation we’ll be able to create a bag at a price point that will fit into your budget. Additionally, we have low MOQs so you won’t be forced to purchase more cannabis bags than you’re comfortable with. 

Total Customization

Last but not least, our Oklahoma cannabis packaging is fully customizable, from the logo and color scheme right down to the feel of the printed packaging. We can add holographic accents, soft touch coating, zippers, or glossy features. Just make sure it’s not appealing to children!

Review Our Custom Bag Printed Process

Review our packaging creation process below to become familiar with how we create custom packaging and mylar bags for your flower, vaporizers, edibles, and other medical marijuana products. Just like you have a process for rolling, we have a process for our custom printed bags. 

Stay Compliant with the Cannabis Laws in Oklahoma

Although we do our best to provide child-resistant cannabis packaging and custom printed bags that are compliant with certain laws and regulations, we’re not lawyers.
Please be sure to check the legal regulatory requirements for cannabis packaging in your state, and share with us those requirements. It doesn’t matter if you need packaging for a vape, flower, blunts, or pre rolls, we specialize in making marijuana packaging to meet your exact specifications.
As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to custom cannabis packaging. But don’t worry -- we’ll be with you every step of the way. Overwhelmed? Need some help? We can help you get rolling with a material, perfect your logo placement, decide on colors, and select a wholesale volume that’s right for you and your dispensary. Almost sold on on our custom printed bags and containers but have questions? Reach out today! We have your back! 

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