What’s the difference between blind shipping and regular shipping, you ask? We just so happen to have the answer. In this guide, you'll learn what blind shipping is and whether it's the right fit for your business. 


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Quite simply, blind shipping means that your products arrive at your customer's address from a supplier or distributor who remains anonymous, and your delivered orders will look as if they came directly from your company or store, whether via UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

With regular shipping and packaging fulfillment, your business products arrive with full disclosure of where its been, who shipped it and who manufactured it. Your customers will know everything. 

Who would benefit from blind shipment?

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Blind shipping is most frequently used by distributors, graphics designers or other people involved in the procurement process, who want to be the only point of contact for their client. Blind shipping or managed transportation services aren't needed when you’re shipping to your co-packer, or co-manufacturer, as the blind supplier information doesn't need to be hidden. 

Blind shipping is very common and is a strategy used around the world to help distribution businesses like yours get the help and expertise they need with ins and outs of the sometimes-complex shipping business. By shipping orders directly from the warehouse, you cut out the middle man. Learn more about how blind shipping works.

The top 3 benefits of blind shipping are privacy, control of the customer relationship, and keeping your company name in the customer’s mind instead of the factory’s name.

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You may have also heard the term ‘dropshipping’ and might be wondering how that service compares to blind shipping. In essence, they are the same. However, blind shipping goes the extra step to make sure your shipping supplier or factory remains anonymous. Meanwhile, behind the scenes they take on all the responsibility of manufacturing and delivering your products accurately and on time to customers around the world, all for one standard freight shipping quote fee. 

There are other benefits to dropshipping as well, such as, possibly lowering the cost of UPS shipping, reduced errors or missed shipments, lower internal payroll costs, and perhaps most importantly, time is freed up to reinvest in the one thing that matters most: growing and managing your business. 

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The best way to fully understand how dropshipping works is to take a look at a simple ecommerce example:

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There is also one service known as Double-Blind shipping, or double dropshipping. With Double-Blind shipping, both the shipper and the customer remain private. This is common when it’s important to protect the privacy or identity of the purchaser and/or seller for a wide range of reasons. The most common reason for Double-Blind shipping is to protect or help ensure middle supplies do not have access to customer information and as a result cannot ‘steal’ those customers.

The Double-Blind process is complicated, and this process can be even harder to do with custom ordered goods, especially as we are working with the customer’s artwork, logo, and graphics. This is where the trust in working with CarePac comes in. We work with distributors frequently and always maintain the privacy of your sourcing relationships. If a customer of a distributor comes to us directly, we will first check with you before talking with them and we never poach or try to “steal” customers from our distributors. Furthermore, we pay attention to potential conflicts of interest and work with integrity to not just maintain our client relationships but to build them to last for years. Reach out to us to learn more about how your items can ship blind and how you can get your own freight shipping quote.


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