Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Types of Poly Bag Zippers -- Plastic Bags with Zippers

The term Poly bags most specifically refers to mono-layer polyethylene bags which are the most used type of plastic bags globally for many applications. But the term has also come to refer more generally to any plastic bag even multi-ply laminated bags. Poly bags are flexible and inexpensive, proving to be great alternatives to cardboard boxes and other rigid space-consuming packaging.

Poly Bags Types of Poly Bag Zippers

The easiest items to find are the flat poly wholesale bags. These types of plastic bags are everywhere: storing food, electronic parts, hospital materials. They are those tiny zipper bag that are flat, reclosable poly bags, and hold the nuts and bolts and other pieces of the desk you bought to assemble at home. You can even see them on a roll when grocery shopping.

Secondly as opposed to the flat bags, there are poly bags that stand up on shelves and are easier to handle. The gusseted poly bags can be found packing several products as hard candy, bread, and more.

The the flexibility of re-closable poly bags have lead to their solid presence in the food industry. Flexible packaging is becoming more popular due to its versatility and customization.

One feature that is trendy among consumers is re-closable packaging, achieved with the addition of a zipper. Meaning that an open, flat package can be easily seals again, and the items in the plastic bags will be fresh for a long time. 

Why add a zip to your bag?

Flexible Packaging is typically heat-sealed in the loading and filling process. The barrier film keeps oxygen and moisture out while maintaining the original aroma, flavor, and texture as long as the bag is sealed. Adding a zipper will transform a regular bag into a reclosable one. These are the main benefits you will get with that change:

Additional 01 2 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Extended shelf life

A zip lock reseals the package preventing gases and vapor from getting in contact with the food and other items inside and can be used for a variety of applications. A bag folded or closed with clips or tape is not tightly sealed, and you will most likely end up chewing a mushy cookie. A zipper adds more comfort to the consumer since he knows the product will last, and there is no need to hurry and consume everything in the wholesale bag at once.

Additional 02 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Makes it easier for your customer to store unused product. 

Since the package can be safely closed again, the customer can store their items inside cabinets or drawers worry-free about spilled products. And without the need to have a stash of clips or twist-ties. It also saves room and money because you don't have to keep tons of jars and containers for every package you open every day. Plus, they are tamper evident.

Additional 03 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Perceived value to your brand.

study evaluated the impressions of consumers and brand owners through surveys about plastic bags and packaging. The results showed that 80% of brand owners said that packaging positively impacts brand value. And that customers are willing to pay more for flexible packaging with enhanced features. They even pointed resealable, easy to open, and extended product life among the top five must-have packaging features meaning they can be used for many different applications.

So now that you know all the benefits of having reclosable zippers, which zipper should you pick? 

Types of Zippers for your poly bags

Just like barrier films, there are many options to choose from according to your needs, products, and packaging styles. Here are some of the options we provide:
Additional 04 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Standard Flange Zippers

The most common and popular type of zipper. They have interlocking tracks on each side of the plastic bags that your press together to seal the pouch. They are also FDA-approved and very easy to proof and handle.

Wide Flange Zippers

This style has a longer lip above the zipper, providing more room for the customer to tear the pouch open without ruining the zipper while adding a nicer look to the bag

String Zippers

These are a no-flange zipper design, so it can't really be called a barrier-type zipper. It's the most economical option and can be produced faster since it requires less material than the other styles.

EZ Pull or Pull Tab Zippers

These are a newer zipper style, considered more convenient. In this type, the pouch can be opened by pulling a tear strip added in the front of the package without ripping the material or using scissors. To reseal the bag, all you have to do is press the top zipper together.

Dual Track/ Heavy Duty Flange Zippers

Similar to the standard zipper but with double vinyl tracks. They provide high resistance to the seal and prevent accidents due to this double safety. It is designed to handle heavy products, larger bags, and more opening-closing operations.

Powder Zippers

These are designed to prevent particles and crumbs from getting stuck in the zipper's tracks, which can reduce the seal's efficacy. These are used for fine powders and granulated products like flour and protein powders. Add them to your adhesive poly bag today. 

Child Resistant Zippers

It is a particular zipper style developed in a way that only adults can open it. Products that can be harmful to children as pharmaceuticals and medicinal cannabis, must meet government regulations towards their packaging. This zipper type is tested to ASTM standards and comply CFR 1600:20 requirements of child safety.

Honorable Mentions: Tin Tie's and lip and seal tape for plastic.

Tin Tie Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Tin Ties

Tin Ties are not zippers, but they server a similar function. A tin tie is a laminated metal strip coated in plastic that is attached to one side of the bag near its opening. To close the pouch top, the top is folded downwards, and each side of the strip is pressed against the packaging. As if the strip is "hugging" the bag and keeping it shut. It's a very traditional seal, largely used in the coffee industry.
1 08 08 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Lip and Seal Tape

Seal tape is another example of a non-zipper, performing a similar function. Seal tape is typically designed as either the initial low barrier closer (think poly mailer plastic bags), or as a single use re-closure. You might ask: Who would want to have a bag that can only be reused one time? The answer is typically specimen containers, or send back bags, where you want to ensure the consumer has fully and tightly closed the bag. 

Types of Zippers

Child resistant 19 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Child Resistant

powder 24 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Powders Zipper

velcro 21 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Velcro Style Zipper

dual 27 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Dual Flange Zipper

Standard zipper 20 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Standard Zipper

wide flang 22 22 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Wide Flang Zipper #1

ez 26 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

EZ-Pull Zipper

string 23 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

String Zipper

wide flang 25 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Wide Flang Zipper #2

How to Choose the Right Zipper?

As you can see, picking one seal types is not a simple task. It depends on your product, its requirements, your brand, and your design. Our packaging experts are always one call away to help you find what is best for your business. Feel free to contact us anytime.

One of the most frequent questions we receive is how to choose between Tin Tie and EZ Pull Zippers. We will go through each one's pros and cons to try to make your decision easier.

0024 1 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Tin Tie


  • Tin Tie adds a traditional and fancy look to your bag while hiding the heat-sealed area.
  • It's easy to use in the top loading process and by the end consumer. 
  • It also provides extra convenience by letting the customer know how much product is left when looking at how low is the folded tin tie.


  • This sealing style adds a few extra steps in manufacturing. After the bag is filled and heat-sealed, the tin tie is applied, the pouch is folded down, and tape shut so it won't fall apart in transit. This increases production costs and time.
  • Another disadvantage is the reduced barrier when the bag is reclosed. A folded bag doesn't entirely prevent contact with oxygen and moisture, 
  •  Also, if you want your customer to open the bag more easily without tearing it or using scissors, you will need to incorporate an EZ peel material, which is more costly than a regular heat seal material.
EZ Peel 2 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

EZ Pull


  • Its greatest advantage is already in the name. It's easy to load it – the bag is loaded through the top and sealed, without any extra step. It's easy for the customer to open and close it without any tool.
  • The press-to-close zipper provides a higher barrier after resealed, increasing shelf life. Since there is no tearing, the header's design is untouched, and there isn't a waste of material after the bag is open.
  • Plus, being about 3-5 cents cheaper per unit is a higher economic advantage.


  • Since this is a newer style types, more traditional customers may not like it. Some may even find it a little harder to scoop out the product through the zipper since the top of the wrap bag is sealed.
  • Also, the zipper takes some space of the header, getting in the way of the design, and the pouch might look less tidy when it the strapping is open. 

Customize your reclosable poly bags

Demension2 03 Types of Poly Bag Zippers

Although polyethylene plastic bags are everywhere, they don't provide the high barrier most products need. In these types of cases, flexible packaging can be fully customized: manufactured in several types of films, designed in any shape with any zipper or feature you want, and printed the way you imagined it. Contact our design team for more informants.

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