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The Journey of JWalker, Kyri's, and CarePac to being featured on Oprah's List

We welcome you to this month’s edition newsletter, highlighting inspirational stories and successful strategies in marketing and design. We are thrilled to present our special feature on Jason Walker, the founder of Jwalker Marketing agency. Come aboard as we dive into the agency’s story and their special method for crafting brand personas, and team up with CarePac in getting Kyri’s cookies where we want them – on Oprah’s list of favourite stuff!

In an exciting interview with Jason Walker, the mastermind of Jwalker Marketing Agency, we reveal an amazing story of collaboration that resulted in Oprah's list for Kyrie Cookies. According to Jason, the collaboration commenced after he needed top-of-the-range packaging depicting the luxurious nature of Kyrie Cookies. While CarePac acted as his agent in this venture, Jason would never have come up with the organization's name had it not been for a quick Google search. In particular, the ensuing CarePac was to design packaging that would ensure the protection of Kyrie Cookies and reflect its brand's magnificence. Jason said that CarePac had not just met the challenge but had surpassed it and, as such, is the preferred packaging provider for Kyrie Cookies.

Jawlker Media The Recipe for Sweet Success

When asked about the contribution of Jwalker Marketing Agency in running Kyrie Cookies to Oprah's list, Jason said that the agency played an important role in strategic marketing by positioning Kyrie Cookies as a luxury brand. It was through a joint venture between Jwalker Marketing Agency and CarePac that we landed on Oprah's list.

Jason Walker remembers that the founder of Kyri's Kookies found his agency after doing a simple Google search; this is how Kyri Cookie got associated with Jwalker Marketing Agency. In this first link, she spoke about her dream of establishing a giving, grateful, and generous brand. Kyri's Kookies wanted to be the destination of choice in luxury hospitality, private aviation, and the corporate world. The brand's ambitious scale is realized in the founder's vision to have a successful product and a dedicated store for production and retail.

Jason stressed the value of spending time with the client in developing a unique voice for their brand in marketing strategy. He gains these insights by asking questions and developing the perspective of his clients through listening. The objective is to ensure the ideal customer can easily identify and understand their brand's value proposition. Jason, on the other hand, reflected on the value of a brand beyond the logo, where he emphasized that a brand's value lies within how its ideal target audience perceives it and those of direct competitors or even of an industry.

Jason claimed that CarePac's supplies and marketing techniques turn a brand from just a logo into cultural power, influencing consumer preferences and spending initiatives. By proper approach, a brand grows into more than an image; it becomes a way of life, a mindset, and a stimulator in the market.


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