SQF and ISO 9001: What You Need to Know

What is ISO 9001?

Like ISO 9000, 9002, and other certification standards, 9001 is a quality management system/standard that can be applied to many different industries.

The regulations focus on recognizing companies that maintain the highest possible standards, including, but not limited to, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of their processes, a desire to improve quality, an excellent training process, and a commitment to risk management.

Compliance with these regulatory requirements shows a company's strong commitment to constantly improving its quality management systems for its customers.

ISO certified SQF and ISO 9001: What You Need to Know 

What is Safe Quality Food (SQF certification) for food safety?

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SQF certification primarily focuses on food safety management systems. This quality management standard focuses on the food and beverage industry, and its main purpose is to ensure food safety and quality.

The SQF program is also referred to as "safe quality food SQF", and SQF looks at a foodservice providers product quality, the efficacy and safety of their food supply chain, and the internal systems of food manufacturing companies within the food industry.

The current scope of the "safe quality food SQF" standard, which is approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative GFSI, includes various aspects of the safety of food products, including:

  • Food hazard analysis
  • Food safety plans
  • Compliance with regulations ensuring food safety

The Safe Quality Food SQF certification, specifically, is typically issued by an organization or regulation body that specializes in the SQF program and the Food Safety Initiative GFSI. If you want to show your organization's commitment to food safety and quality, you cannot go wrong with SQF certification.

Which is the better food safety standard?

Simply put, Safe Quality Food SQF is the only standard of the two that focuses solely on food manufacturing and a supplier's food safety.

This quality management standard is extremely helpful for food companies or primary producers of a product for the food industry supply chain. As mentioned, Safe Quality Food is regulated by the Global Food Safety Initiative, a company committed to food safety and quality. If your company operates in the food industry, this is a quality certification to go after.

ISO and SQF program FAQs

Here are some common questions food companies tend to have about ISO and SQF certification and the certification process.

What does ISO mean in OSHA?

ISO stands for the "International Organization for Standardization," and its standards are crucial in promoting product quality, safety, and satisfaction of customers across a variety of industries.

Is CarePac ISO certified?

Yes, we currently have our 9001 certification. We went through the entire certification process and are proud that our management system and internal protocols resulted in certification.

If working with a packaging supplier with ISO certification is important to you, you can trust our quality systems. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

What ISO is SQF?

SQF is an international standard that focuses specifically on food safety and quality. The process includes the SQF institute looking at companies that supply various elements of our food chain and ensuring they meet the outlined standards.


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