Buyer Tips When Buying Flexible Packaging: A Flexible Packaging Buyers Guide

Looking for printed pouches and packaging that will build your business?

Discovering that buying flexible packaging harder than you thought? This buyer guide can help! 

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With so many different kinds of pouches from so many different package suppliers at so many different prices… how do you even begin to choose the right packaging solution for your product, one that attracts and retains customers and maximizes your return?

So we’ve assembled our top tips to make getting the right pouches easier and added them to this buyers guide. Spoiler alert: we’ve saved the most important tip for last.

You’re probably looking for pouches because you know they look terrific on the shelf, they’re cheaper than traditional packaging and they’re better at keeping your product in top condition. The only thing left to decide is… what material, what pouch format, what printing process, what closure type, what quantity… and many factors you may not have considered…

Without further ado, here is our flexible packaging buyer's guide, written just for you! Your search for the perfect stand up packaging ends here! 

At CarePac, we help customers navigate the dozens of variables that go in to choosing the right printed pouch. So – whether you’re looking for a new printed pouch partner, or transitioning from labelling to pre-printed, from hard sided containers to flexible pouches – we’ve put together some top tips to help you take control.
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 Tip #1: The cheapest pouches aren't necessarily the least expensive product

If you’ve bought pouches, you may have discovered that the cheapest bag won’t necessarily save you money. Every day, we work with customers who are trying for the second or third time to find good quality containers. Maybe they’ve bought cheap pouches sourced from overseas or click-and-print websites that offer no support… and they’ve learned that pouches made with inferior or inappropriate materials won’t attract customers or keep your product fresh. But they will damage your brand. Always work with a supplier who’s ready and able to help you consider your options and takes as much pride in your success as you do.

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Tip #2: Look for suppliers with a wide selection of stand up pouch types

How do you know which suppliers to trust? Look for the variety of options they offer. One size does not fit all! Different products need pouches of different sizes, made of different base materials to keep the product fresh, safe, and looking great. Stick frozen food in a pouch designed for trail mix and you’re going to have a lot of unhappy customers. At CarePac, our website offers a detailed industry-by-industry guide to applications – from baby food to pasta, from bath salts to vitamins – with options for nearly fifty different product types. Whatever you distribute, we can tailor pouches to suit your needs, including the latest in eco-friendly packaging. We have the machinery and packaging materials necessary to do so. 

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Tip #3: Insist on a reliable, timely supply

Don’t wait for a surge of sales to discover that your packaging supplier can’t deliver in quantity and on time. You can’t afford to work with firms that are desperately trying to keep up with demand or who won’t work with you because of smaller order sizes. At CarePac, we offer flexible lead times to meet different customer budgets and deadlines, with shipping in as little as four weeks for custom prints and two to three weeks for stock pouches, with orders as low as small as 1000 pieces.

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Tip #4: Look for high-quality, flexible printing

Your packaging is your calling card. It deserves better than washed-out inkjet labels, and you deserve professional printing services that can match your vision. At CarePac, we offer three printing methods – digital, flexographic, and rotogravure – so you can pick the type of printing, materials, and films that best fits your project. You can even add a logo to your specialty packaging in one simple step.

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Tip #5: Don’t take a chance on compliance

FDA food contact, BPA and Phthalates free, REACH, and PFAS: there are a lot of compliance and sustainability requirements in the marketplace… and a lot of unreliable claims that materials are compliant. Your chosen supplier must be able to verify to your satisfaction that your pouches will pass muster.

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Tip #6: Don’t add a supplier. Choose a partner.

Anyone can sell you packaging, but not everyone cares about your success.

At CarePac we truly believe that we succeed when our customers succeed. We’ve worked hard to build a premium service that’s accessible for business of all sizes. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, we’re here to anticipate your needs and make the printing process easy, to help ensure your pouches turn out just the way you want. Not sure what you want? We’re always here to help you navigate the process. Looking for something special? We’re your industry experts.

And… we always pick up the phone when you call.
We’re not CarePac because we only care about packaging.
We’re CarePac because we care about you. 


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