Pouches for dried fruit leather Case Study: Packaging That’s Fresh as a Noni
Real Noni Case Study: Packaging That’s Fresh as a Noni

Keepin’ It Real

Say aloha to the Frailey family. They are self-proclaimed “noni-obsessed” and their goal is to share the goodness of this Hawaiian fruit with the world.

To do this, the Fraileys needed to find the right packaging to seal in the pureness, portray the beauty of the fruit, and lay flat for easy transporting and displaying. See how we worked together to create the perfect package for this fantastic superfruit.

What Is Noni?
A love of wellness runs in the Frailey family—and the superpowers of noni are too good to be ignored. Used for centuries in Polynesian cultures, this tree-grown fruit packs a powerful punch of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, providing our bodies with many healing and renewing benefits. However, before the family could share their passion, there was one hurdle in the way: to maximize the potency of the fruit, it needed to be captured in raw form.

Noni’s Packaging Needs
The Fraileys put their pro-noni noggins together, and after years of research, growing, and testing, they discovered a way to preserve raw noni—and their company, Real Noni, was born. But in order to get the fruit to their customers, the packaging had to be just right. They needed something that could maintain the freshness of the fruit and align with their quality-first approach while also being as beautiful as the fruit itself. With this in mind, they set out to find their perfect package.

Noni-Worthy Results
After a failed attempt at getting their dream package from an overseas company, Real Noni turned to CarePac. Working together, we found a pouch that ticked every box—exceptional (and BPA-free) vapor and oxygen barriers, FDA Food Grade compliant, reclosable, and custom printed to capture their vivid colors and stunning images. The result? Beautiful packaging and happy customers… a noni dream come true.

The team at Real Noni understands that packaging can make or break the success of a product. Not only is it needed to protect your prized possession, but it’s also an essential marketing tool that should speak to your brand and attract customers. As packaging experts, CarePac works with all different types of industries and will find a solution for your needs. Get in touch by phone (via a real person!) or through our contact form.


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