A Packaging Journey

From Zero to Success

Founded by a physician, TouchZero™ is changing the way we clean—by reducing exposure. While developing their unique cleaning solution, the brand team realized that the packaging would make or break the success of this innovative product. Here’s the story of how they landed on a package that is both functional and attractive… oh, and patented.

The Product Background
These days, the words “cross-contamination” have become part of everyday conversation. As we were all whistling the ABCs while washing our hands, the team at TouchZero was busy developing a one-of-a-kind cleaning product. They saw the need for something that would thoroughly clean surfaces and didn’t require gloves… but would also protect our hands. Enter TouchZero Wipes.

Logo Case Study: One-of-a-Kind Packaging


If there’s one feature of CarePac I really enjoy, it’s their responsiveness and availability. They were always there via email and phone anytime I had a question.

Touch Zero

The Packaging Need
Packaging for the wipes was essential to the use of the product. TouchZero needed to find a way to maintain the integrity of the cleansing solution on the wipe while also providing a means to keep the user’s hands untouched. A well-designed, functional, and easy-to-use package was a must.

easy peel pouches Case Study: One-of-a-Kind Packaging

The Successful Solution
After ordering samples from CarePac, TouchZero knew we could produce the right deliverable. Together, we set out to develop the perfect pouch. We determined that heat-sealing edges were critical to keeping the wipe operable. And the actual packaging material would act as the “glove” or barrier between the hand and wipe. The solution? A groundbreaking and patented disposable pouch

Like TouchZero, you’ve worked hard to get your product right. The time and effort you’ve put into all the details are noticeable… and now it’s time to show it off in the best package possible. We’re here to help—get in touch by phone (via a real person!) or through our contact form


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