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Aerospace Packaging Solutions

The aviation industry is highly regulated and all plastic bags and pouches must meet very strict specifications. Whether it is a bag that will contain sensitive electronics for an extended period of time, or pretzels that will be distributed in-flight sometime in the near future, each must meet specific aviation standards and regulations.

As a leading supplier of all types of plastic packaging to all industries, CarePac understands the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. We're committed to providing a range of aerospace plastic bag solutions that not only satisfy our customers, but also meet the specifications of the highly regulated aerospace industry.

Benefits of Aerospace Packaging Pouches

Secure and reliable, our aerospace packaging solutions are engineered to protect airline parts, embodying flexibility and industry-specific innovation. Our packaging solutions for the aerospace industry offer a few key benefits, including dry product and corrosion shielding. Learn more about each below.

Protect Dry Products

Our barrier bags have extremely low moisture vapor and oxygen transmission rates, meaning the components inside will be protected every step of their journey, including during long term storage. By trusting CarePac with your packaging solutions, your components won't harden or cure when exposed to heat or pressure, thanks to the high-quality materials and design. 


Protect Against Corrosion

We also provide barrier bags specifically for packaging components that are susceptible to corrosion during use and storage, especially after being used for many years. Since damage to engine or electrical components can mean the difference between life and death, it's important to trust packaging manufacturers (like us) who can offer the utmost in corrosion protection. 

Why Choose CarePac for Aerospace Packaging

Here are just a few reasons why CarePac is a favorite in the industry for mil spec packaging:

We're experienced

With over two decades of experience, we've worked with many clients in the aerospace industry throughout the years. We understand the logistics and complexities of the industry and aren't afraid of the regulations and strict packaging requirements. 

We're reliable

Not only are we as experienced as they come, but we're reliable. You will receive your shipping when promised, and you'll be kept up to date on any changes. This is incredibly important in the aerospace industry, where a late shipment can delay commercial flights and damage reputation for many years.

We offer full customization

If the packaging will be used by airline customers, customization is as important as fast production, logistics, and meeting other specifications. We can customize the bag to include your logo or any other branding that's suitable for the specific use case. 

We're friendly and approachable

And, on top of that, our customer service simply can't be beat. Our friendly team of design experts will help you design the bag for your use case. Whether you need aviation packaging for transport, ones that will protect against grease, or be made from specific materials, we can help. 

How to Implement Recycled Plastics in Your Packaging Strategy

If you're ready to reduce the use of fossil fuels and take the leap into sustainable packaging, and feel that PCR packaging is the right choice, implementing recycled plastics into your packaging strategy isn't difficult. The initial step is to assess feasibility of shifting to PCR packaging: audit your current packaging and supply chain, and evaluate how using packaging made from post consumer resin pellets will change this. 

Next, you'll need to partner with the right suppliers and recycling facilities who have experience with these packaging types. Ask them about their experience with recycled products and which eco friendly packaging options they can offer you. Finally, work with them to determine what the best practices are for designing your packaging with PCR materials to maintain packaging effectiveness. 

Packaging for Aerospace Industry: FAQs

Here are a few common questions we receive about our aerospace packaging. 

Can Carepac provide custom packaging solutions for unique aerospace components?

Yes, we can create custom packaging solutions for a variety of use cases, including unique aerospace parts. We aren't afraid of a challenge! 

What is Carepac’s MOQ?

We have a low MOQ so you won't be tied to purchasing an exorbitant amount of packaging that you won't be able to use. 

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