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Sweet as Your Candy

The candy industry is not an easy one to break into. Candy producers are competing with big-name companies for market share in a massive industry. But luckily, more and more consumers are turning to new, small-business treats to satisfy their sweet tooth. Now’s the time to go all-in with your candy packaging ideas to embrace the moment for your candy business. With the right packaging, you can establish your identity, attract consumers to your candy, and build loyalty with those consumers.

candy packaging 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

As good as your candy may taste, they first need to pick it off the shelves. So before you dive into planning out your own candy packaging, here are five trends in 2022 to keep in mind.

Sweets You Can See

A huge part of enjoying the food we eat is having it entice as many of our senses as possible, and that includes what we see. Food (or, in this case, candy) needs to look appetizing for us to enjoy it. That’s why a lot of candy companies use packaging and boxes that is clear all around, clear on the back or has a clear viewing window for consumers to sneak a peek at their treat. It sells the product, especially when that product looks incredibly appetizing, colorful, or fun. If you have a treat that is more dreary, monotone, or boring, then this may not be the best option. It also works for a wide variety of treats, chocolates, gummies, hard candies – whatever!

Popular Candy Packaging That's Eco-Friendly 

Sustainable, recycled, compostable, and environmentally friendly packaging in all forms is a huge trend right now, and it’s one to take advantage of for your candy packaging. It’s also especially effective for candies that are better for you, whether they use less sugar, alternative sweeteners, or are free of certain chemicals and substances that may be harmful to the body. A healthier type of sweet treat or candy goes well with the aesthetic of sustainable or environmentally friendly packaging. Sustainable and recyclable candy packaging is in-demand and an essential part of consumers’ desires. They look for the labels or tags on product packages that mention good for you and good for the environment.

Classy and Chic Design Ideas

Trending aesthetics are sleek, minimal, classy, and chic. And quite frankly, this design aesthetic works for consumable products like candy. Candy packaging that is new and modern sells to the social-media/influencer style vibe. Packaging that looks cute in photographs, packaging that can be left out because it looks stylish and cute, attracts consumers in today’s market. It trends well with the “bougie” (to put it bluntly) aesthetic that many buyers and appearance-lovers are drawn to. However, this is definitely not going to be a trend for everyone to buy into! If it doesn’t align with your brand, don’t go with the packaging that reflects it.

Custom-Printed Plastic Candy Boxes

Individually wrapped treats in a fun, unique wrapping, especially offering some variety in styles or colors, attracts buyers. Individually wrapped candies are also enjoyed by consumers who like to snack responsibly because it can support portion control and enjoying a moderate amount of sweets without going through an entire bag. They’re also great for sharing. Having custom-printed wrappers also add a fun little element of satisfaction with crinkle wrappers that reveal a fun, sweet treat, which makes a candy more experiential than just grabbing one after another from a big bag of candies.

Full, Vibrant Coloring

Enjoying candy is a form of escapism, whether it’s a little mood booster, a sweet reward, or a brief provider of relief and pleasure. To enhance that little bit of pleasure, give your consumers a fun, playful, and bright package. Creative candy packaging designs that enhance the enjoyment of eating the candy are just a little boost to the people who enjoy your product. It also helps make your package more memorable, which helps support customers’ loyalty, so they see it, recognize it, and buy it over and over. With fun, full, colorful candy packaging, consumers get a visual taste and idea before they get a literal taste.

Candy infographic 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Designs That Work

Gem Gem

candy 73 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

The ginger candy chews by Gem Gem come in an adorable, energetic packaging design that is playful, fun, and easy. The two-color palette of blue and yellow pair well together in a fun and bright way, while the fun fonts add to the playful feel. The unique scribbled graphics also make it fun and playful since it feels like a teenager’s notebook that is distracting and reflects the ease that is enjoyable with candy. This popular candy packaging is full of color with also feels cohesive and consistent.

Crow & Moss

candy 74 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Crow and Moss has a classy and chic tear-away packaging for their chocolate brittle bar that is sophisticated and looks rich with deep colors. The abstract shapes and patterns scattered throughout almost make it too handsome to just be chocolate. But overall, the aesthetic of this candy packaging paper totally works! 

The Organic Candy Factory  

candy 75 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Organic candies are marketed as earth and natural, which is why the Organic Candy Factory’s sweet package uses a font that almost looks handwritten, along with a bear sketch that definitely looks handwritten. The handwritten tone of the package makes the candy seem almost homemade, so the buyer gets the impression that it contains better-for-you ingredients. Plus, organic can mean healthy, which can mean flavorless – so including the package window so buyers can sneak a peek at how delicious the gummies look only helps to sell them even more.

Sabadi Organic Italian Candies

candy 76 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Sabadi Organic Italian Candies has a lot of good packaging going on. First, the box is light and playful with a bright and vibrant color palette that uses the white space well. Boxes aren’t the easiest to store or stash, but luckily, they also have individually candies custom wrapped and ready to grab. Better yet, the packing of these wrappers is fun, eye-catching, and unique. The packaging of the candy is as delightful as the candies themselves!

Giddy Up Nuts 

candy 77 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

The packaging for Giddy Up Nuts is minimal, sharp, and simple. Two shades of brown between the print and the packaging material make it look natural and earthy, which makes sense since both cocoa and nuts are earth-made. The eco-friendly packaging is spot on and works for them, although the package isn’t the most eye-catching.


candy 78 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

The designs of Tamalitoz packagings are refreshingly original. Each package takes the color of the fruit that inspires the flavor of that particular candy bag. The graphics are scattered and fun and make it look as fresh and delicious as the candy tastes. The fruity colors are super bright and vibrant, which makes their packaging pop out on the shelf.

Smart Sweets

candy 84 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

All of the Smart Sweets plastic candy boxes have three things going for them: bright and loud full-package color, flavor stamps, and the sugar quantity, which is their primary selling point. Smart Sweets is all about low-sugar candies with zero alcohol sugar, so they keep it straight and simple on their bags with only the essential bits of information on them. When considering your packaging, think about making your unique selling point clear.

Newfangled Confections Frittle

candy 80 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Newfangled Confections makes a bag that is recognizable and memorable but without being loud or too bright. The purple tone, which is a luxurious and rich color, paired with deep dark chocolate and a script font makes for a packaging that pairs bright and fun with classy and chic -- perfect for their peanut brittle.

Peaceful Fruits

candy 81 1 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Peaceful Fruits packaging is another vibrant and colorful packaging, with easy tear-away notches for easy opening for a light snack. Each package has a two-toned color with colors close on the color wheel, so they match together well. The “organic” identification goes well with the large, all-caps typography that identifies the product and flavor, and they use the package window in a creative way, shaped like the fruit that matches its flavor.

Unreal Chocolates

candy pouch 87 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Unreal is another brand that uses bright, colorful, eye-grabbing packaging that helps it stand out on the shelves. The flexible packaging has a tear-away notch but isn’t resealable, which is okay since each piece is individually wrapped, so it still stays fresh. Their big, bold typography logo is memorable and has earned an ability to be identified by consumers, which has helped them build loyalty, too.

Budget-Friendly, High-Quality Custom Candy Packaging

Bags 02 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

This year, boost your candy sales with great candy packaging that’s perfect for your product. CarePac offers customizable candy packaging design in different sizes, styles, and materials, with full-print packaging however you want it. Easy-tear packages, triple-seals, zip closures to keep it fresh, or individually wrapped packages are all options, along with clear, black, and silver films that preserve freshness. No matter what kind of chocolates, gummies, hard candies, or chews you’re looking to sell, our flexible packaging can be personalized to best attract your target consumers and can feature health information on an easy-to-read menu. 

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