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Electrostatic discharge is known to occur when two electrically charged material comes into sudden contact. This results in the build-up of static charges due to the electrostatic induction produced by the materials in contact. This might in-turn cause dielectric breakdown of the components. For electronic devices to be adequately protected, it has to be housed in a film material that has static dissipative attributes. An example of such material is our anti static bag which gives effective protection to many types of electronic products and devices. Our bags are safe and effective. We have the most common sizes in stock ready to be shipped to you immediately.

Metalized PET with ESD Coatings

Custom ESD Shielding Bag

Metalized PET with Anti-static Coatings

We carry a top of the line selection of bags and pouches for various applications. The bags on this page are designed to prevent your contents and tools from being damaged due to static discharge. These bags are not designed for use with food, and do not provide barriers for water or oxygen. Static free bags are packaging solely designed to prevent electronics, medical components, and other supplies from being damaged by static electricity. This protection is afforded by both the composition of the materials used to make the bags, as well as the configuration of the packaging. It is important to use care when handling the bags as they can crease, which can invalidate the protection being provided by the static bag.

Types of ESD Shielding Anti Static Bags

  • Antistatic bags: may avoid the build-up of electric charges, but an anti static bag cannot protect electronic devices from
         electrostatic discharge. They are best used to protect non-sensitive parts of the device.
  • ESD shielding bags: Contrary to anti static bags, static shielding bags can adequately protect devices from electrostatic
         discharges. Therefore, it’s the most common type of ESD shielding bag.


Material Details



Anti-static Coating/PET/VM/PE + Anti-static Coating

General purpose Static Control Shielding Film for static control pouches. Polycarbonate compatible, no Amines, Amides, or N-Octanoic Acid. 



EMI/RFI Protractive film for EMI sensitive uses. Non-reactive with Copper, Aluminum, silver, PB-Sn coated foil, kovar, stainless steel, low carbon steel, Polycarbonate Compatible. 



Static dissipative and non-static dissipative clean room film. Surface REsistance (Ohms/sq)<1012 

ASTM D-257. Charge generation (NC/in2 -0.03) EMI Shielding (dB 1 to 10 GHZ) >40. Static Decay <0.1 FTMS 101C

What are the sensitive electronic devices that are safe to package with an anti static bag?

Some major electronic products that can be packaged with our anti static bags include:

  • Motherboards
  • Hard Drive
  • All forms of printed power circuit boards
  • Graphics cards
  • Microchips and other accessories

What is Static Shielding

Static shielding bags are made up of metalized layers that give necessary protection to electronics devices. They do this by creating a Faraday cage effect on the device to be protected. Faraday cage functions by simply making the external electrical field to create charges. They are distributed in a manner that annuls the effect of static charge development in the cages’ interior.

Components of static shielding bag

This metalized static shielding bag is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material with four different layers. The inner layer comprises of a static dissipative polyethylene, coated with an Aluminum metal. The inner layer is immediately followed by a layer that is made of polyester. Then a double outer layer that has a static dissipative coating. The four-layer design of static shielding bag gives device both inner and outer protection.

The resistance of this device falls within the range of 1005 – 1015 ohms/sq. and a static decay that is less than 0.05sec. It is a very durable and strong material with a high tensile strength greater than 25lb, 3.0 MILS thickness and high resistance to tribocharging. Static shielding bag also has static shielding greater than 30V and light transmission of 40%.

Importance of static shielding bag

  • It’s good for transporting and storing sensitive electronic devices: Some sensitive electronic devices are prone to develop static charges. It’s best to transport and store such devices in static shielding bag to avoid damages.
  • It provides adequate protection: Water and oxygen cannot penetrate through the static shielding bag because it is water resistant and air tight. It can also protect devices from the penetration of light due to its silvery surface.

Any electrostatic shielding bag that has spent 2 years after the date of manufacture should not be used because they pose a high danger to the user. And also, its storage temperature should be maintained within a range of 21oC to 23oC.

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