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2 Seal Pouches – Fold Over Bottom

The ideal flat pouches with side seals for ESD Shielding Bags and Loose Fill Materials
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The 2-Seal Pouch has been around a very long time. Similar to standard “Ziploc™”-style pouches, side seal pouches are a continuous plastic film that folds over and is heat sealed on both sides. A 2-side seal pouch presents less rigid configuration, allowing lose product to fill in where other types of bags prevent it.

Many customers request this configuration either because it matches their current design, or they want a flexible non-stand up bottom. There’s no need to completely up-root product specifications.

While for many applications the 2-side seal pouch has been eclipsed by the stand up pouch or a 3-side seal, there are many applications where a 2-seal pouch is preferred. Most notably a 2-side seal is the basis of all ESD shielding bags.

•   Tried and true design.

•   Great for ESD shielding application.

•   A less rigid configuration, more flexible.

•   Emulates Flow Packaging, and fast Tubing.

•   Easy Machine Loading.

Why Choose Our Side Sealed Bags?

Flat, with seals on each side and flexible without consuming too much space.

The side sealed pouch design is proven, tried and true and emulates flow packaging for simplicity, a tight seal, and ease of use. The fast tubing and easy machine loading also allows for a more seamless production process.

Although not as popular as the 3-side seal or stand up pouch, our customers highly request the 2-side seal bags because of their more flexible configuration.

More Flexible, Less Rigid Configuration Pouches

Because the 2-side seal pouch conforms to the product inside, it’s ideal for loose products, where crumbs or other debris could get stuck in the zippers or gussets.

Our packaging solutions are FDA approved and unprinted 2 side pouches can be in your hands in as little as two weeks. Our low order quantities start at just 5,000 bags, making it easy for your customers to enjoy your products without the high overhead.

Need Your Bags Printed? No Problem!

Another key benefit of 2-side seal bags are their flexibility and readiness for printing. Not only do these bags help you save on the labor costs of applying a label to each of your pouches, but it also makes the end product much more attractive to customers.

And whether you choose a printed or un-printed version, you’ll be glad to know that our convenient 2-side seal bags are compatible with over 40 different barrier materials, so you can add even greater protection to food, coffee, and other products by mixing and matching the right type of barrier to prevent moisture, oxygen and other types of contamination. It also helps prevent electrostatic discharge both inside and outside of the product packaging.

Request a Custom Seal Side Pouch Quote Today!

Because we have numerous options to choose from when customizing your packaging design, it can feel overwhelming deciding what you need — but you don’t have to do it all alone!

Our packaging professionals can work with you to determine the best materials at the best price point so that you can feel confident that your custom printed bags are durable, protective and easy to use.

You know your product, and we know how to package it – because your product is worth it!

Customize Your 2 Side Seal Pouches With Printing and Custom Materials

Couldn't find the one you liked? No problem! We can create the one for you!

Side seal pouches are one of the most used flexible packaging worldwide.

Our materials are FDA certified, within the mill spec to prevent packaging fails and they also have the freshness seals. We have many options of plastic film available for you to choose from. 

This pouch can be digital or plate printed and we deliver it on a roll stock if you prefer. You can add several features like a hang hole, die-cut window or a zipper to make it resealable while keeping your child away.

Whether tiny or bulk size, we can make it happen. Contact us today and request a quotation. We are always happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Printed Packaging

Q: What is the difference between a 2-seal pouch and a 3-seal pouch

A 2-seal and 3-seal pouch are very similar. The primary difference relates to the bottom of the pouch. On a 3-seal lay flat bag the bottom is a sealed area, on a 2-seal pouch the bottom is a continuous run of folded over material. 

Q: Can 2-seal pouches be used for FDA food uses

Yes, 2-seal pouches are used in food uses such as dried nuts, candies, trail mix, and much more.  

Q: Can 2-seal pouches stand up on a shelf? 

No, a 2-seal isn't designed to stand up on a shelf. 

Q: Can a 2-seal pouch be custom sized? What is the biggest 2-seal pouch you can make?  

2-seal pouches can be completely custom sized, the smallest is usually a 2x3, and the largest is around 20x30. 

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