Eco-Friendly Commitment

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At CarePac, we are committed to reducing both our environmental impact and that of our customers by promoting sustainable packaging solutions and practices throughout our business. As a flexible packaging company, we recognize the critical role we play in reducing waste and protecting the planet. 

With over 40 films available, we have a material that will ensure your stand up pouch is of the highest quality. We can also combine materials in a custom order. You can combine a black film with a clear film, or metallized with a glossy finishing. It's your choice! Contact us to learn more about custom printed pouches and stand up pouch projects. Give us a call at 626-655-7474 and request a quotation. We'll be happy to help you.

To that end, we pledge to:

10 Tips When Considering Eco-Friendly Packaging
Offer sustainable packaging options

We will provide our customers with a range of eco-friendly packaging options that reduce waste and promote sustainability.

We've highlighted eco-friendly options as a top navigation menu item on our site, and encouraged customers to consider ecofriendly film options for their projects. 

Reduce our carbon footprint

We will minimize our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energy sources as possible and implementing energy-efficient practices.

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Electricity consumption

CarePac took into account electrical utilization when selecting our newest converting and laminating equipment. Working closely with our machine manufacturer, we reduced KWH requirements from 77KWH to 50KWH.

Faculties Upgrades

CarePac recently coated our facilities roof with a energy savings coating, to reduce heating and cooling costs. Additionally we replaced all production floor lighting with high efficiency LED lighting.  

Promote recycling and composting

We will encourage our customers to recycle and compost their packaging materials, and will work to ensure that our packaging materials are recyclable and compostable. Including the following material options:

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Stand Up Plastic Food Packaging Granola Packaging Bag

Recyclable flexible barrier solution for stand up pouches.


Stick Pack or lay flat Eco-Friendly Commitment

Promote and support the adoption of industrial and ambient compostable flexible barrier solutions. 

PCR Content

frozen stand up pouch Eco-Friendly Commitment

Work to increase the amount of PCR content available in our products.

Practice responsible sourcing


We will work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the materials we use are responsibly sourced and meet our sustainability standards.

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CarePac's top selling QualiVac film lamination was redesigned to reduce transport costs by reducing packaging weight and through synchronizing production using a computerized system to synchronize distributor platform inventory management with production.  

CarePac has renewed it's focus on western hemisphere material sourcing by entering negotiations with South American film suppliers to reduce or eliminate the need for ocean shipping of raw materials. 

Educate our employees


We will educate our employees on sustainable practices and encourage them to incorporate these practices into their daily lives, both at work and at home.

Eco friendly carepac Eco-Friendly Commitment
Eco 1 Eco-Friendly Commitment

We believe that by making these commitments, we can help reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in the industry. We are dedicated to continually improving our sustainability practices and to being a leader in eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions.


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Testing & Compliance

Our materials are FDA CFR 73, BPA & Phthalate Free, and meet all the major compliance standards.


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